Forces of Thunder Revive Spirts that Slumber


PEOPLE LOVE PROBLEMS The best way to avoid challenge is to create itThe best way to get money is to give it We are designed to solve problems We are designed to createWe are designed to express If we are not solving problemsLife will give us problems to solve If we are not given problems to solveWe will create problems to solve If man is not attacking somethingMan will attack himself If man is...

Victory – a holographic syntax


People believe dominance is what makes the warrior demonstrate courage, strength, and toughness But it is actually submission that allows these to shine through him Imagine a power source – let’s say it equals 100 units of power Plugged into ONE thing that thing has access to 100 units of power Plugged into five things, the power is divided 20, 20, 20, 20, 20 This is how man (through...