Ouroboros & Feed-Back


Ouroboros (serpent eating it’s own tail)

The Ouroboros has various interpretations; alchemical, gnostic, hermetic, etc

I was writing on a topic and realized the ouroboros is a perfect symbol to describe what I am attempting to convey

🐍 The simultaneous feedback loop

When we do pretty much anything, we express outward what is within our conscious and subconscious.

Information and energy within you gets expressed outwardly

Simultaneously energy and information is also coming back into the conscious and subconscious

Your actions have reactions,
Live and in real time as you do anything there is feedback being picked up both consciously and unconsciously

πŸ“” β€œAs above, so below, as within, so without” β€“ Hermes

“Lessons are repeated until learned”

The better you are at processing, the less instances will be required to adapt and integrate feedback

This is what makes wit so attractive
It signals effective and efficient processing power as well as adaptability


“Feed” by definition, means “to give food to”
It also means to “supply material to a machine”
Example; “he’s feeding wool into the pressing machine”

Expressing is the food (food representing energy/information)
Which is being given outwardly, expressed outwardly when you do anything

Those expressions then give you feed-back,
You get back information and energy, simultaneously, as you are expressing

The reactions to your actions


Expression – you express information and energy
Experimentation – reactions from your actions
Integration – integration of information and energy from feedback
Transcendence – you level up your information and energy which then plays into the next expression

As you go through this process numerous times, you adapt and integrate lessons in regards to the particular subject matter

…but you also adapt to the overall process as a whole

Levels to The Game

Level 0 – Can’t pick up on lessons, never makes it past the integration stage

Level 1 – takes multiple experiments/expressions/experiences to pick up on the lesson (months, years)

Level 2 – takes less instances to pick up on the lessons (hours, days, weeks)

Level 3 – ability to process rapidly and see in real time, live, what the lesson is as he is doing it and adapt on the fly (present moment)

At Level 0 the person likely does no self reflection or questioning

Therefore can never find an answer because they are not asking a question nor looking for an answer

πŸ“œ “Seek and you shall find”

At Level 1 – the person doesn’t actively or regularly engage in self reflection or questioning.
When he starts experiencing friction, that acts as his catalyst to begin questioning and he then connects the dots

At Level 2 – the person engages in self reflection and questioning more regularly and is constantly picking up on insights, information, energy and lessons from his expressions and experiments

At Level 3 – the person engages in self reflection and questioning regularly and he’s become so adept at it he is able to do it in real time, live, on the fly


At Level 3 he will perceive and process in real time what is going on before getting into the argument with his partner, adapting on the fly, live, in real-time.

Resolving the issue before it escalates to an issue
Understanding what was happening AS IT WAS HAPPENING

Similar to how athletes watch game film to see where they can improve

The highest level athlete can process and pick up on information and energy in the game, while the game is happening, and adapt in real time

“All life is an experiment, the more experiments you make the better” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’d like to write more on improve processing power in the very near future

For now we will conclude with 2 quick points on improving processing power

Awareness – not having head burred in a phone, head up – perceiving reality, noticing what’s going on, not being a zombie, being present and alert provides more information and energy for the subconscious to process and work with

and second,

Stress – the more stressed we are the higher our brainwaves become, which increases the 5 physical senses and decreases the 6th senses

Creating a lingering low level fight or flight mode due to stressors, this makes the brain become binary and diminishes processing power

Fight or Flight
Run or Attack

It’s why people choke on dates or in games

Suffocation of processing from stress

The 5 physical senses get elevated
Thinking and processing get decreased

Challenge will get your adrenaline going, your blood pumping, you’ll feel alive. Stress in this sense does not mean to avoid challenge

Rather, to avoid unnecessary stress from poor sleep, poor nutrition, poor habits etc.

Which wastes and poorly allocates precious bandwidth for processing and stress tolerance

Much more on the performance side of things to come

Thank you for reading πŸ₯‚

– Yous

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