Don’t chase the butterfly, nurture your garden


🦋“Don’t chase the butterfly. Nurture your garden and they butterfly will come”

If you’re chasing by definition it means what you desire is running. Your energy and effort is going into chasing. That energy and effort could be going into nurturing your garden. Being at ‘home’ instead of applying for passports to other people’s home (life). Convincing others, and chasing things to get access to their garden. Their kingdom.

“Seek first the kingdom and your desires shall come to you”

Energetically it leaves space to attract. To LET IT LAND. It’s counter-intuitive. Naturally we want to GO, FIND, SEEK, CHASE, GET, DO. That energy is just being channeled in the wrong direction. It’s being channeled into the chase not the creation. What you desire isn’t bad. Making a lot of money, having a lot of friends, great relationships, and cool things. There is nothing wrong with that. But naturally we do things in reverse.

Instead of becoming the person in which those things are aligned with, naturally attracting them. We’ve been conditioned backwards to chase the butterfly, chase into other people’s garden. Seek a passport to other people’s kingdoms. All while neglecting our own garden and kingdom.


In relationships with others when we are chasing the space for them to invest is stuffed and choked off. We clearly display how shockingly potent this is in the article Taken for Granted

Over invest and chase will by default make them a spectator instead of a active participant in the dynamic. If you want someone to invest energy into you. If you want things like cars and money to come to you. You must cultivate the kingdom and nurture your garden.

With other areas of life this is so obvious to us. If you want the $100k/year programming job. You go and nurture your garden. You plant the seeds of that, you nurture and water it for a period of time, then your garden has that elegant flowers of the programmers skillset.

Like an investment, a day trade. You put a percentage of your account into a trade, not your entire account balance. This means when visiting other gardens, interacting with the butterfly all your eggs are not in one basket. Energetically creating a vacuum of dense pressure and emotional turmoil. You apply to different jobs. Meaning you’re in a position where the butterfly knows what you’re about. Just the scent of you is enough to attract the butterfly when you’re aligned energetically. Your magnetic field. ‘Scent’ meaning once they get a ‘free-trail’ a taste of who you are that’s all the ‘investing’ needed before they start investing back.

Compare this to not having the skillset and chasing the butterfly. Looking up ‘tactics’ and ‘methods’ to trap a butterfly. You waste time and energy on something that doesn’t compound into anything. Even if you ‘get it’. You make a bit of money, you get the relationship, you get the car before you can afford it.

You don’t have the SKILLS of nurturing it. Things will go sour. Either you’re entire being is now dedicated to maintaining the butterfly’s needs. Car payment, a relationship when you don’t have a life, getting a job you’re not qualified for, etc.. or it shall soon fly away.

You’ll get fired, the car will get repossessed, you’ll be broken up with. Because you don’t have your own garden and energetically all of the pressure is put into the hands of the butterfly or other people’s gardens. When chasing the butterfly and access to other people’s gardens is the focus you either end up a slave to serving it (the external) or you end up losing it anyway. All the while your (internal) garden. Who you are and nurture (internal garden) and the reflection of you in the life you create (external, the kingdom of your life).

Even if you trick them and get access to their garden. They will quickly see you bring no value to their garden. You don’t know a thing about gardening, especially their particular flowers (niches/interested/people’s personalities have different flowers). Without the skill you need them to lead you which sucks them of energy and focus. So they dump you.

Keyword. Needing others to lead you. That makes you a burden. You need them, and use them for their garden, using them to feel the good emotions of being in a garden, but not offering any value to their garden. And because you don’t have your own garden so much pressure is on them to maintain your emotions. Energetically you will lose it and be forced to slave away in keeping them impressed.

This is a poetic way of displaying the energy going on when chasing things and people versus having your own garden.

Notice energy and time are expended either way. It’s better to nurture your garden. It will attract the butterflies (things), you’ll have a kingdom to live in (having a life and mind you don’t need to constantly escape from). And when you do visit and collaborate with others they’ll gladly let you into their garden because it’s a WIN/WIN.

Sales strategies, dating strategies, charisma strategies. These all seek to offer a shortcut to skip the process of cultivating your garden and trick people into thinking you have a certain life and gardening (creation) skills. The only time these strategies are optimal is when someone actually is being about it and cultivating their garden (product) but past traumas have tainted their self belief and habits which are still being reflected into present day. In this case these strategies help the person with a great product (who they are and their life), to elevate their marketing and make it congruent with who they are.

Dissolving outdated habits that sell themselves short. This is truth. But seeking strategies without a garden, energetically will always collapse and leave you worse off because that time spent chasing could have been working on your own garden.

You’re the one that lives there, it’s your life. Escapism is when we never want to be ‘home’ in our garden. It’s misdirected energy. Consuming to numb and distract from having a dry desert of a home. Finding ways to artificially feel good from a ‘dopamine’ reward center hit. But this reward center is not designed to be triggered artificially.

The reward center comes from nurturing your garden. Putting in work, planting seeds, growing them, and then having the rewards of the garden. The process of nurturing evaporates into the void when we consume these dopamine reward center hits. It gives the brain a artificial feeling it’s accomplished something and nurtured the garden for the day. So the desire and motivation to produce is satisfied for the day. Even though nothing happened. An artificial illusion.

Escapism: drugs, smoking, drinking, junk foods, video games, porn, social media, TV/Netflix/YouTube watching all day. These trigger stimulation and reward center hits. Which then rob you of the desire to ‘stimulate’ and ‘express’ and ‘nurture’.

As this goes on more time passes and our garden is still left a bare wasteland. Plant all the self development content seeds you want, read all you want, plan all you want. Until nurtured with action and continuously maintained they will die. Even when the rewards start showing….

When the flowers bloom. They still need watering and nurturing. Until you cultivate this nurturing habit. The habit of resourcefulness, you’ll never get the resources. The butterfly never comes. You never are welcome into other’s gardens without extreme force and chasing. You’ll be using force in life by running and chasing. Instead of tapping into power, attracting, collaborating and being. Visiting other gardens and butterflies are obvious bonuses that come. But the real reward is who you become. The daily practice of nurturing the garden is what you enjoy and what validates you. The external is all a bonus. Which means it comes more often, you actually can enjoy it because you don’t NEED it and don’t need to pander and play it safe.

This is all a poetic way of describing whats going on energetically. Within the holographic field of energy that is life. It’s reflective, constantly moving, and it’s energy.

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