Live Life While Figuring it Out


Live life while figuring it out
Don’t put life on hold to figure it out

It seems like the logical thing to do

Put all your focus into one thing, hunker down, force yourself to make it happen

‘burn the boats’

Then re-emerge as your new and improved self

Thing is,
Most won’t re-emerge

The on hold approach is so bad not only will you not get results

You’ll develop new problems far worse than what you initially set out to solve

Here’s why

1 – Equation Density

All those unsatisfied needs from other areas of life WILL unconsciously get projected onto what you’re trying to do

You won’t be able to think clearly
You WILL overthink

Conditions will get added to the equation of what you’re trying to solve/accomplish

Conditions that belong in other areas of life

For Example – guy doesn’t have a source of income and stopped socializing

Unconsciously his mind will look at what he is trying to do, and find ways to quickly get money and validation from it to satisfy the needs it’s starving for

This is why so many people fall victim to scammy make money online methods

UNCONSCIOUSLY they gravitate towards it due to being in a situation which requires money right now

It’s a perfect alignment to their energy, it’s not merely a matter of ‘ignorance’

I speak from experience here

Every time i’ve ever accomplished anything was when other areas of my life were decently satisfied

Not perfect, but enough to not project into what I was trying to do

It’s incredible how much of a night and day difference this is looking back at the contrast

I’d make better decisions, i’d get to work immediately, I would not overthink or procrastinate

and ironically NOT needing the result made it effortless for me to do the work to get the result

If you believe burning the bridges works, if you think putting yourself in a situation like that will ‘force’ you to find a way and ‘make something happen’

Feel free to try it

Every time i’ve done it, it’s failed miserably

In fact SO BAD that it would create new problems far worse than what I originally set out to solve

2 – Parkinson’s Law

Parkinson’s Law States:

“work expands to fill the time available for completion”
“work complicates to fill available time”

Yet another paradox, irony, counterintuitive concept

The reason people waste time is because they have time to waste

The reason for overthinking (seeking unnecessary complexity) is a energetic match to having UNLIMITED TIME and ambiguous non existent objectives

Complex/Abstract is the realm of unlimited
Simple/Direct is the opposite – limited time, clear objective

Why is the objective unlimited, complex, and unclear?

As we stated earlier, it’s unconsciously trying to solve EVERYTHING
Because isolation is giving them NOTHING

Everything is the realm of abstract, complex, and unlimited

When we have less time we value time more
When we have unlimited time, time becomes worthless and taken for granted

If you have a job, social activities, hobbies, you exercise, etc

Time left to get things done is limited

Your mind will fill that time with something tangible, direct, needle moving, simple
…because it has parameters, it’s not unlimited

The more free time you have, the less you value time
The combination of those two leads to boredom

“The devil finds work for idle hands”

More free time = higher probability of making bad choices

One crucial caveat here,

This is most essential when making a change, doing something new and unfamiliar

After a while as identity shifts you naturally will select better quality activities for your free time

However in the beginning, when making a new change. This free time law is CRUCIAL

All those moments left idle are opportunities to slip back to the default habits, the old identity

But it gets even worse….

3 – Energy Match

Not living your life, hiding while you solve something, suffocating self from needs


That energy will get matched/projected onto whatever you are trying to do


“How you do anything is how you do everything”

“When it rains it pours”

How you do anything reflects in everything you do because it’s a reflection of your energy/current identity/current operating system

Which is why whenever I accomplished anything, I was also accomplishing things in other areas of life, and living my life

Results came effortlessly

When results were impossible was when I wasn’t living life, in isolation, trying to figure things out and ‘make things happen’ then thinking i’d re-emerge as the improved self

That can’t work

The energy is contradicting

Improvement, results, progress is a dynamic moving energy
Isolation, hiding, avoiding is a repressive, stagnant energy

Laws of Momentum at play here is well

You can’t expect to move the needle, grow, and make progress

When everything you do has the energy of stagnation, reactivity, waiting, dormant, idle, passive

But it gets even worse….

4 – You develop new and far worse problems

You may have heard of the rat park study

Pretty much rats were put in isolation with water and cocacine

They’d use the cocacine, get addicted, overdose, and die

Then they recreated the experiment

This time the rats were in a community. Other rats of both sexes, toys to play with, things to do, that exercise wheel thing, etc

None of the rats used the cocacine

We can stimulate endorphins from producing or consuming

Working out, working on projects, socializing, intimacy, engaging in hobbies

These all trigger endorphins by producing

The inverse is through consuming

Processed foods, sugars, stimulants, drugs, etc

As we said earlier your mind WILL find ways to get what you need

Which pretty much means, you’ll start picking up bad habits

You’ll NEED stimulants just to function normally due to not producing what you need

This 4th and final stage is where you pretty much are fucked

You’ll develop addictions, bad habits, gradually forming a new identity
…and the worst part is

These things then make it even harder to solve/accomplish the initial problem you set out to solve

What people think are performance enhancers do the opposite, but feel effective because they artificially jolt endorphins, heart rate and other biological aspects

Because of these you’ll think less accurately
Your dopamine sensitivity will become fried killing your motivation
Your emotions will fluctuate more variably (further reducing cognitive accuracy)

The crashes will lead to depression
The spikes will lead to anxiety

All of these also effect your natural ability to recover/repair throughout the day and during sleep

Leaving you further fatigued

It’s a downward spiral

…as wild as this may sound symptoms develop aligned with ADHD, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia

Maybe a topic for another article, but you may be surprised. Unlike it’s sometimes portrayed these things aren’t intense twitchy things

In that isolation there is not enough feedback from reality, theories get doubled down on with no confirmation from reality

Eventually leading people down paths so far off from reality, they become delusional

Biologically, the distorted cognitive states, mood swings, etc from the substances, and from the repressed mode of inaction/overthinking

Will create an ecosystem which makes it easier for irrational thoughts to formulate

You’ve already seen it, this is not a rare thing, it’s rampant

Signs of delusion for example:
Feelings of superiority despite no results or evidence in reality

Overexaggerated ‘out to get me thoughts’ (notice both men and women posting online about how the opposite sex is out to get them and how to ‘beat them’ at their tricks)

Or thinking everyone who makes money online is a scammer out to get them

Another example is thinking everyone is an idiot or useless or a loser (again exaggerated superiority and exaggerated inferiority towards others because there are not enough touch points in reality showing them that people are pretty normal)

So you see the point and importance of this article

Isolation to ‘figure it out’ and ‘make things happen’ then believing you’ll remerge as new and improved

Is actually so bad it yields negative results

Developing new far worse problems and never accomplishing the initial intention

But as I always like to do, let’s look at the inverse

Is there a situation where isolation is valid?


Here is the key distinction:
Entering it with a known end date and with a already known task to accomplish

versus what we went over in the article which is – no end date, no known purpose or specific task, attempting to ‘figure out’ and ‘make something happen’ and stay in isolation until it happens

Clear example of the positive use:

Let’s say you’ve been working on a product for a few weeks. It’s about to be done and launched

Taking maybe a few days or week on a bender

Going through the final edit and getting everything ready for launch, doing the launch

Then going to celebrate

You know exactly what to do, there’s a end date a exit point

Isolation is a place to visit, not a place to live

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