Mind, Your Business


Conscious = CEO
Subconscious = all the team members at the business making everything happen

πŸ“œΒ β€œI and my Father are one, but my Father he is greater than I” – John 10:30

Β πŸ“œ β€œI of myself can do nothing, the Father within me He doeth the works” – John 5:30

Father = Subconscious

The CEO can’t do anything without his team
His team does the works

Good CEO = Leadership
Bad CEO = Dictatorship

What do the best CEO’s do?

  • They hire the best people, people better than them
  • They trust and listen to those people
  • They create an environment which puts their team in the best position to thrive
  • They allocate resources to give the departments what they need

The best CEO’s mostly stay out of the way
The worst CEO’s mostly get in the way

🧠 Mind, Your Business

Your mind is your business

There are key parallels from the business world which can provide valuable insight for governing our mental faculties

πŸ† Playbooks, Parameters and Systems

Picture a department in a business

Imagine they had no office, everyday they had to spend time and energy figuring out where they had to be

Imagine they had no tasks or objectives set, everyday they had to figure out what to do

This would be a massive waste of time and energy which could have been allocated to getting the job done

This is the importance of designing playbooks

The athlete is given both a position to play and a playbook or strategy to be executed for that days game

It’s that strategy and his position which puts him in the best position for his brilliance to shine

He doesn’t need to waste time figuring out what to do, or where to be

100% of his mental & energetic bandwidth is focused on the one thing he needs to do

Which frees up mental bandwidth and awareness to be present and process the game being played in front of him

Which allows him to make those creative moves which blow the audience away

Same thing in making content or sales

There’s parameters set, a intention, a set of guidelines to put him in the best position to fill in the blanks with his brilliance

The subconscious faculties are GREAT at filling in the blanks

They also can be deployed to help you design the templates and strategies, the fill in the blank sheets

So long as that intention is clearly set, the team can make it happen

The problem is when there is no intention set, no purpose defined, no goal

It would be like going to the gym with no plan

Even when i’d go with ‘no plan’
I’d still have guidelines and a purpose, this is a bare minimum

For example, i’d know it was chest and triceps day. I know i’d start with a compound lift

The rest of the lifts throughout the workout i’d pick on the fly

I was advanced enough to do that after 5 years of training
But it’s not recommended, i’m just recalling a period I would workout with ‘no plan’ but still enough guidelines and parameters to progress

As you get more advanced in your field you can break the rules and switch to guidelines and parameters

But you must learn and deeply understand the rules before you break them

A beginner sales guy may start with a word for word script

Years later as he gets to an advanced level
He typically will switch to parameters and guidelines

He’s skilled enough to adapt on the fly and break the rules

This concept is one of the key parallels in running the business of your mind.

Set the intention, design a strategy
….a clear fill in the blank set of things for the faculties of mind to work on

That way they can be fully dedicated to working on their assignment
Instead of divided in conflicting intentions trying to figure out what needs to be done

Composure & Stress Tolerance

This goes A LOT deeper and is A LOT more significant than people might initially think

The more stressed you are AND the more sensitive you are to stress

The higher your brainwave state will be

Which effectively makes you dumber, slower, and significantly diminishes all mental faculties

Lo-Beta and Alpha are optimal states

Lo-Beta being excellent for learning & absorbing information

Stimulated and open enough to be receptive to new information without being stressed or anxious about it

Why is this so important?

The higher the brainwave state the further you are away from your subconscious

The analytical mind shows the border between conscious and subconscious

The higher the brainwaves/stress the more disconnected you are from your ‘team members’
The faculties of the subconscious mind

When we are stressed we increase the 5 physical senses and decrease the 6th senses – intelligence, intuition, imagination

Thinking becomes more binary and detached from logic and rationality

A lingering ‘fight or flight’ mode

The lower the stress, the lower the brainwave state

Which means the closer to the subconscious facilities we are

The 5 physical senses decrease, and the 6th senses increase

Think about it,
If you’re about to get attacked, you don’t require intelligence, imagination, etc

So those get lowered, and binary simple thinking gets increased

Fight or Flight
Do or Don’t
Good or Bad

…and the 5 physical senses heighten to brace for impact

Those aches and pains despite not getting hit or getting injured
Thank stress for that

Trusting your team

We’ve covered this extensively in other articles so i’ll only briefly touch on it here

In trying to win and not lose at the same time

In trying to get what you want while also avoiding what you don’t want

The facilities of the subconscious mind get divided
Attempting to solve two conflicting intentions

It’s what causes athletes to choke

It would be like half of your department working on one project
..while the other half work on the exact opposite of that project

Like the CEO who gets out of the way and let’s the team shine

The conscious steps out of the way when we preform at our peak

Professional athletes aren’t consciously calculating their moves, that’s WAY too slow for the pro level

The conscious is mostly checking in during periods of stoppage

Remembering the playbook, their strategy for this game, their positional instructions for this game

The actual playing of the game is mostly subconscious “flow”

Know your equipment and team

Imagine a factory loaded with top of the line equipment for producing pet food

But this factory is struggling

They’re trying to produce trendy hoodies and sneakers with their equipment and can’t do it

We’re all built different

Imagine a right handed person trying to score baskets with their left hand

They’ll get poor results
They’ll feel inadequate
They’ll never enter a flow state
They’ll never make it to a pro level

Similar to right and left hand dominance
We have preferred and dominant ways of thinking, processing information, and making decisions

We can work on our ‘weaker hand’
But we still have that dominant hand we would use if we were say in a $10,000 3 point contest challenge

Introversion & Extraversion

Those terms have become synonymous with how often and how well you engage in parties

This is a distorted definition, hijacked by pop culture

Think of it more so as internal vs external

(Image Credit Motes & Beams)

It’s this subtle difference which effects our personality, our strengths, our weaknesses

It’s impossible to be someone else
Attempts at doing so will feel like using your left hand as a right handed person

It would be like trying to manufacture shoes with ingredients to bake a cake

You have a unique combination of attributes, skills, and ingredients

It is crucial for your ‘business’ to understand it’s identity
What you are and what you’re not

We love brands who know who they are and own it

We cringe when we see brands try to be something they are not

Performance to me has 2 definitions
In the theatre sense (your role in the play)
and the task effectiveness sense (how well you play the role)

“Know yourself”
“Improve yourself”

Don’t attempt to be someone else

In fact the mere attempt of trying to be someone else is simply ignorance of who we are and how great OUR personal attributes really are

The reason why so many ‘hacks’, strategies, tips, etc all fail miserably is because people don’t know themselves

No ‘hack’ is going to magically allow a baker to produce shoes with his dough, sugars, and baking ingredients


I wanted to keep this article concise and to the point

Things would get unnecessarily complex if I attempted to articulate dozens of qualities which make CEO’s and businesses thrive

You absolutely can get tremendous value taking some time to listen to YouTube videos or picking up a book on effectiveness for CEO’s

Viewing it from the lens presented in this article and seeing the parallels for leading and supporting the faculties of mind

Conscious and Subconscious working in harmony

πŸ“œ “When the two make peace in this one house, you will say to the mountain move and it will move” – Gospel of Thomas

Two = Conscious + Subconscious

Mountain = goals, desires, heights you wish to climb

Thank you for reading,
Mind your business

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