You Simply aren’t doing enough


a letter to myself, shared with you.

You get what you give

People drastically underestimate how much work is actually required to get exceptional results

Remember, failure is the expectation, success is the exception

Therefore to be successful you must become the exception

Become exceptional

When it comes to being exceptional, chances are…you simply aren’t doing enough

Not exercising enough
Not working enough
Not posting enough
Not networking enough
Not contributing enough
Not lifting enough
Not prospecting enough

When you give more you’ll get more
You get what you give

When you give a lot you’ll get a lot
When you give the bare minimum you’ll get the bare minimum

Executing & mastering the basics + high activity levels WILL put you in the top 20%

Those last few percentages are when nuance, complexity, and details come into play

Before that point the road to the top 20% is quite simple

Do More.

🛫 When you’re on the runway, when the plane is taking off…

Achieving escape velocity and breaking through into flight is about SPEED

The minor details of course correction happen once IN FLIGHT, after you’ve taken off

Like a heat seeking missile, it’s massive power, speed, and force to get the missile launched

AFTER it’s in flight it adjusts and course corrects to close in on the target

When you’re at the bottom of the pyramid you have no business concerning yourself with complexity, nuance, fanciness

Effectiveness comes before efficiency
You need something to be effective before you make it efficient

At the bottom embrace ruggedness and etch it into your mindset:

It doesn’t need to be done perfect, it just needs to be done

But let me pose a question to you…

What better do you have to do?
What’s so important that you are currently doing that you can’t invest your time doing more toward realizing your potential?

A quote I love from Alex Hormozi is:

“The work works on you more than you work on it”

It is through doing more we become more

We develop character traits
Unlocking dormant parts already within you and bringing those character traits to the surface and making them default identity characteristics

🔑 Reality operates on a as needed basis. We are in a cause & effect world.

You don’t get surplus oxygen and bloodflow until you make the demand for supply

You don’t start the digestive process until there is a demand seen from supply of food

You don’t unlock your best self until there is a demand for the supply of your best self

It is through doing more we make this demand for more supply

📜 “To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given, and they will have an abundance. But from those who do nothing, even what little they have will be taken away.” – Matthew 25:29

When you use your time, energy, attention, mind, body, and consciousness well…you unlock more of it’s capabilities

⚔️ “Opportunities multiply as they are seized” – Sun Tzu – Art of War

This is symbolized in the Wizard of Oz

Scarecrow wanted a brain
Lion wanted courage
Tin Man wanted a heart

They got what they wanted because they NEEDED it’s expression during their journey toward the Wizard of Oz

They activated what was already within them, by needing it – making a demand for supply

When they arrived at the Wizard of Oz he simply told them “you got everything you wanted on your way here”

You get what you need, not what you want.

Wanting more blood flow won’t do anything
When you start running then you’ll NEED it – a demand was made for supply

The way create a demand for supply is by doing more

This video by Alex Hormozi illustrates the concept of doing more with an example i’ll quote:

Alex mentions trying to use flyers to get people into his gym

He put out 300 flyers…and nothing happened

He went to his friend who was crushing it with flyers and asked him for some help

The friend asks: “What was your test size?”

Alex: “Test size?? uhh 300”

Friend: “Bruh…we don’t even test with anything less than 5000”

His friend was doing well with flyers because his friend was putting out 100,000+ flyers

We drastically underestimate how much work it actually takes to see results

If you’re into eCommerce, Sales or Marketing you’re probably familiar with funnels which is a great way of illustrating this concept

The funnel does a good job of visually representing just how much is required to get a result

Doing is how we learn to do

To get better at basketball, play basketball
To get better at sales, do sales
To get better at making content, make content
To get better at writing, write
To get better at lifting, lift

How did you learn to walk and talk?

Not through study, but through DOING and emulation of doing.

This is the cycle of growth:


Expression & Experimentation = Doing, expressing, attempting
Integration & Transcendence = Iterating on the feedback, picking up on patterns and integrating the lessons to transcend to the next level

Therefore, more expression = more growth

To get better answers, ask better questions

It is through DOING you will get personalized feedback based in reality

This makes your queries and your questions MUCH higher quality

“I did this and this keeps happening”
This is the best kind of question to ask, whether to a person or on Google/YouTube

It’s a specific query, meaning you’ll get a specific answer which you can integrate

Example – “I sent 300 cold emails, but the open rate seems to be much lower than industry average”

In this example his query/ask is very specific and he will find an answer with instructions on how to improve his open rates.

Because he’s clear on what he solution he needs because he knows the problem
He knows the problem because he did the work and ran into a problem

The WORST questions are ones not rooted in any action or feedback from reality

It’s the people who haven’t attempted who ask the worst questions – vague, theoretical, irrational.

You’ll notice people who haven’t done anything yet don’t actually ask questions – they essentially are seeking assurance, confirmation, and permission.

The answer they truly need is quite simple:

Go do something
Just do it
Do More

Going above scope for good measure

To ensure what is desired is acquired do 3-10x what is required

A mistake our minds can make is optimizing to do the bare minimum to conserve time and energy

If a guy has a 3 mile race coming up he’ll train to just barely be able to do 3 miles, totally fried and gassed out at the end of it

Bare minimum to meet the requirements

If you have a 3 mile race, train for 5 miles

If it takes 100 sales calls to hit quota do 160

You get what you give

If you train for 2 miles you develop the ability to do 2 miles
If you train for 9 miles you develop the ability to do 9 miles

The same applies with energy
You will be supplied more when there is a demand for more

Apply the blatantly obvious principle – taking so much action that it would be unreasonable NOT to get the result you desire.

Guys will talk to 1 girl and be shattered when it doesn’t work out

If you interacted with 100 girls it would be statistically unreasonable for you to NOT have a few of them who are into you

This ‘doing more’ is also not solely limited to mean the conversion side of the equation

Doing more also applies to what you do on the other side of the equation

The product, you, the offer, the thing which is being put out here and offered.

Example – most will spend 2 hours making a YouTube video, spend 4-6. Doing more to make it perfect, write the script, edit the fluff

AND put out more videos. This is both sides of the equation doing more

Doing more on the quality side and doing more on the quantity side

Investing MORE time into becoming compelling so you’ll require spending less time being convincing

Apply doing more to both sides of the equation

Apply the above analogy to whatever area of your life you want

The point I am conveying is doing MORE is fully encompassing

Example – doing MORE to becoming more compelling & attractive while ALSO doing MORE ‘lead generation’ for meeting new people

Both sides of the equation…DOING MORE

Work as a remedy for worry

Doing more will give you relief and comfort – work is a remedy for worry

Imagine how you’ll feel if you trained for 5 miles going into a 3 mile race

Imagine how you’ll feel if you did 160 sales calls when only 100 is required to barely make quota

You’ll feel you’re ahead and in control – instead of merely staying afloat.

📜 “The devil finds work for idle hands”

You ideally never want to be bored

Transmute boredom into exceptionalism…what better do you have to do?

Instead of decaying and doing nothing in the purgatory of boredom invest your time into doing something

Do a cardio session, make some content, reach out to some people, do some prospecting, do sales calls

…DO something more than nothing and you will get something

When you do more, you’ll get more

Be careful what you wish for

You should want to do the work so that you’re legitimate within yourself

..legitimate within myself…what?

Here’s what I mean,

If by some fluke, chance, or anomaly you get results without having put in the work

You will lose the results

It’s something i’ve experienced myself when I got results with some luck, talent, and didn’t have to work for it

I took it for granted and it gradually slipped away

Remember, the work works on you more than you work on it

If you don’t do the work, you’re not going to be ‘that guy’ the one who DESERVES results

When you actually do the work and when you do more than what is required

You’ll be grateful for your results
You’ll be secure and confident feeling you deserve your results
You won’t have imposter syndrome
You won’t unconsciously self sabotage

If you don’t do the work, deep down you will know you don’t deserve results

There will be insecurity and worry

Because identity has a lag
It takes time for the identity to catch up

When you do the work and beyond what is required the identity will be aligned – you know you deserve it, you’re actually that guy, it’s who you are

The work chiseled character traits into your identity – it’s solid

Who doesn’t put in the work will have a similar fate to most lottery winners – losing everything

Easy come easy go

Don’t wish for shortcuts
It is the work, it is doing more, which molds you into who you desire to become

Take More Shots, Do More

No matter how talented, gifted, attractive or skilled you are…

The formula remains the same
To get more you must do more

You will never have a 100% conversion rate
You will never have a 100% at bat
You will never score 100% of the shots you take

Here is a secret about top scorers

They also are the ones who TAKE the most shots and MISS the most shots

3014 shots – 461 goals = 2553 missed shots

Messi’s numbers are very similar

Even the 2 best players in the world cannot escape the law

To get more you must do more

They score the most, because they also shoot the most…meaning they also miss the most

The guy sending 200 cold emails a day will score more clients than the guy sending 5

If you’re getting no results, bare minimum results, average results, or even good results

You simply are not doing enough

Complexity, nuance and all the fancy stuff comes into play at the top 10-20%

Who gives little gets little
Who gives a lot gets a lot

When you do more, you’ll get more

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