Navigating Reality


How do you know if you’re on the right path?

In almost every worthwhile pursuit the large rates of failure reveal to us that 9 out of 10 lanes lead us down a road of disappointment.

  • 89% of dieters fail
  • 95% of aspiring traders fail
  • 87% of new years resolutions fail

With so many pursuits of betterment leading to failure we also see the effects in the statistics of living. The majority percentage of people overweight, the majority percentage living paycheck to paycheck, the majority percentage reporting being unhappy in their work.

I also don’t mean to say this in a condescending way. ‘People’. As some external thing lol. I am people. But I am ‘a people’ who learned a lot of things things the hard way, uncovering some profound answers from asking difficult questions.

The perception of 90% failure gives us the perception that betterment and improving ourselves is incredibly difficult. But in my experience combined with a backing of science, ancient wisdom, philosophy, and psychology. We can see that it’s not a matter of difficulty but more so a matter of being in the wrong lane.

There are 2 speeds and 2 directions. Fast, Slow, Up and Down. Improving Fast, Improving Slow, Declining Slow, Declining Fast

  • Highway to Heaven
  • Stairway to Heaven
  • Stairway to Hell
  • Highway to Hell

In this article we will take a birds eye overview revealing indicators of being in the ‘right’ lane. Being in Lane One.

Looking at 8 key navigation tools and indicators to help us chart the course. Understanding where we’ve been. Where are are. And where we are going.


We must first make a very important distinction to better interpret what we are about to dive into. To make this distinction let’s ask the oldest question since the dawn of man.

What is the meaning of life?


There is no meaning. Because meaning only is assigned through interpretation. There are two common interpretations of ‘nothing’.

The wrong interpretation is the pessimistic and nihilist view that everything is pointless and doesn’t matter.

The right interpretation is that being assigned a meaning of ‘nothing’ is the best news ever. Because it means we are not enslaved. We are gifted the opportunity to create our own meaning and create our own lives.

Why is one right and the other wrong? Both are interpretations, both can be argued as true. This introduces us to the first key element of living in Lane One on the stairway to heaven.


Just because one view is true does not make it the OPTIMAL view. To attach to the interpretation of ‘what’s the point it’s all for nothing’ is not the optimal interpretation. Because it ruins your experience and represses natural human elements that we are about to dive into. This not-optimal perspective tricks your brain into seeing no need to give you energy, enthusiasm, and motivation. Because there is ‘no point’

The optimal perspective is that life is ours to create. This is optimal for a multiple of reasons we are going to dive deeper into. But immediately you signal to your brain that you require energy, motivation, enthusiasm, and creativity. There is something to do. Not a burden but a proactive opportunity.

Your brain only gives you what it sees you need

“Ask and you shall receive”

Your brain won’t give you surplus oxygen and blood-flow until it sees the demand of you engaging in running. Your brain won’t give you creativity until it sees the need for it by you getting in-front of pen and paper.

This is another interpretation. When people read books like ‘The Secret’. Or when they hear about the ‘Law of Attraction’. It is often misinterpreted. Interpreted as just thinking and asking for good things to fall into their lap.

Positive thinking, which you now can also refer to as ‘Optimal Thinking’, is part of the equation but our DNA is designed to conserve energy. It won’t give you what you ask for unless you show up and it sees the need.

So far we’ve already uncovered two key elements of Lane One

  • The Skill of Interpretation & Orientation for Optimal – to interpret things in the optimal. This is a positive energetic charge leading to attraction of positive outcomes. Misinterpretation = not-optimal interpretations.
  • Every interpretation has pros and cons and can be argued as true. Technically there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. But there are optimal interpretations.
  • Optimal has a positive energetic charge and vibration attracting positive outcomes. Not-optimal interpretations have a negative charge and vibration attracting negative outcomes.

I also want to make sure i’m meeting everyone where they’re at in their journey. Some people may get very turned off by the words ‘energy and vibrations’.

So let’s put it this way….

If someone’s interpretation is “girls are all gold diggers and cheaters”. How do you think this person would express himself around girls? His sour butt-hurt outward expression of behaviors is his vibe (vibration).

In terms of attraction. His RAS (Reticular Activation System) will only SEE these types of girls. Think about driving in traffic, your brain always picks out and draws your focus onto your dream car. You’ll even remember it for a few hours.

But the Kia Soul you passed….

It’s as if it’s not even on the road. Yes, physically it’s there. But it might as well not be there because that’s how little attention you give it.

Your brain only gives you what it believes, and what it sees a need for based on what you ask. If he believes there are no amazing girls, welp….

“As you believe so shall be done onto you”


People often confuse the word responsibility with burden.

Responsibility means the ability to RESPOND. A response is a optimal interpretation based on the data in the present moment. The interpretation is then based on what you believe to be true tapping into your wisdom, or lack thereof.

The be irresponsible is to be someone without the ability to respond with optimal actions, interpretations, and perspectives. This is often someone who is not RESPONDING rather REACTING.

Reacting is how not-optimal interpretations (misinterpretations) are made and acted upon. By definition we can even see it in the word:

RE-ACT = to act something over again, a re-do. By definition this is based in the past. But the data in the present moment is an entirely new thing. To react is not being able to see and fully what’s happening right in front you. It’s like bringing a number 29 in your pocket that you unconsciously type into your calculator before answering the question right in front of you. That’s how wrong interpretations and actions often occur.

The non-optimal or no longer optimal past interpretation being projected and forced into the present.

Like the Kia Soul in traffic it’s there….but it’s not being processed. It does not reach the logical part of the brain, it does not enter your consciousness.

This diagram from the book Emotional Intelligence shows the difference between reacting and responding. Before information reaches rational thought it passes through the emotional center.

We cover this a bit in other posts and will be covering it more soon. But in those posts we show the science behind how emotions have a 100x stronger electric charge than thoughts. We often say here at yous dot co your brain is hard-wired to survive not thrive.

“The human organism is highly adapted to an environment which no longer exists”

Only in the last couple hundred of years did we enter a world that predominantly requires rational thought. Fight or flight mode and quick emotional reactions is useful.

But it is outdated software and should not be our predominant operating system.

It’s fascinating how we are taught ‘what to think’ but we are never taught ‘how to think’.

Recall your days in school and remember just how much of it was memorizing. Even your essays were often to be researched and curated into a mix of your opinion and bits of information.

Our ‘how to think’ ability is very underdeveloped and at a mismatch for the world we now live in.

“With great power comes great responsibility”

This is why responsibility is the third key element of Lane One. We have access to unlimited information, more opportunity than ever. Let’s call the power available to us a Level 90. But our ability to utilize that power, our responsibility is, by default, only developed to a Level 20.

As a result we often make not-optimal interpretations leading to outcomes we do not desire.

Roots vs Symptoms

A key element of Lane One living that allows us to make optimal interpretations is to treat the root instead of soothing the symptoms.

The reason we don’t treat the root is because we have an underdeveloped ‘responsibility’ meaning a ability to interpret the data of whats in front of us and respond optimally.

We are naturally conditioned to be information sponges. Without wisdom or insight. Part of how to think is the ability to connect dots.

Here is the perfect analogy from your former personal trainer friend Yous:

Randy has knee pain. It’s been gradually getting worse over the course of the year. So naturally he goes to see a doctor. The doctor looks at the knee, he recommends ice, elevation, rest, and wearing a knee brace. He also recommends physical therapy once a week.

But the real reason why Randy has knee pain is because Randy is his new truck. Randy is a truck driver and he recently got promoted. Now driving a new truck. The brake and gas pedal are a bit further apart than his old truck.

But he has a very ingrained way of driving.

In his old truck he would slightly pivot his ankle to press the brake. This habit carries over onto his new truck. All unconsciously happening of course.

The once subtle pivot, now in this new truck, has become a slightly awkward inversion of the ankle. It’s not painful or anything, but he is building reps of muscles all on one side of his ankle and calf.

This creates imbalance very gradually over time. After a year Randy goes to see a doctor.

Unfortunately his doctor is no good. Believe it or not, and I wish I didn’t have to say this because I like doctors. But from my own experiences and horror stories from others, we are reminded they are also people, humans. They just hold more information on a subject. But like humans they too can operate in REACTION mode.

Knee pain, male. React with rest, ice, brace, and physical therapy prescription. “Ok next patient please.” The brain is designed to conserve energy, and a business is designed to make money.

Sadly for Randy the expert he trusted will not heal the root but will only soothe the symptoms.

2 years later the pain will still be there and he may end up spending thousands on surgery and three months out of work. WHICH HE NEVER WOULD HAVE HAD TO if the root was treated.

In some of my articles I post about “Roots of Misfortune”

  • Is difficulty creating wealth really a money problem or is it a symptom of a deeper root?
  • Is difficultly creating a healthy body really a gym/nutrition problem or a symptom of a deeper root?
  • Is difficulty finding a relationship really a relationship problem or a symptom of a deeper root?

In a perfect world all doctors would be operating with RESPONSIBILITY. Having a process to get to the root.

Only the top doctors, and really anyone at the top of the field. These people operate in Lane One, they have that responsibility.

The responsibility (ability to respond & think) to interpret the root and then implement the optimal perspective

But like with any habit the optimal responses and interpretations become automatic. The novice is unable to interpret and doesn’t know what is optimal and not optimal.

The intermediate knows how interpret and the difference between optimal and not optimal because it is a lot of conscious effort for them, takes a lot of focus. It is not their default yet so the intermediate can slip into the default reaction thinking process in moments they’re not focused, tired, or stressed.

This is the difference between the novice, intermediate, and the expert

I love how this is a pyramid shape. It’s very fitting because there are statistically fewer people at the top.


I just posted an entire article on ‘granted’ it’s very powerful and if you haven’t already check it out after reading this.

Granted Article Link

But for now let’s quickly anchor the key message of it and tie it into Lane One living.

We know our brain only gives us what we ask of it, when it actually sees the need. But our default programming and social conditioning makes us wait for permission in a reactive state instead of being proactive and granting ourselves permission.

For example products are marketed in such a way where they anchor emotion to them. This is how marketers get people to spend tons of money, going into debt, on things they don’t need. All their marketing creates a perception around the product.

That perception we interpret and FEEL a taste of the emotion in the marketing. With this interpretation we have this illusion that buying the product will then grant us permission to feel that emotion.

Buying the watch to feel status and worthy. Buying some woke clothing thing to feel ‘woke and enlightened’. Once we buy the object we unconsciously grant ourselves permission to feel the good emotion attached to the product.

……Which scientifically, if think about it, nothing is entering your bloodstream, there is no chemical effect being added to you.

Therefore it is a placebo that grants us permission to now feel a good emotion. But once the novelty wears off, we must then buy another thing.

This way of interpretation is not Lane One thinking or living.

Externally awaiting permission is how lives are ruined. But it is how we are conditioned. We do good on a test, or do something our parents like, mom and dad approve of us and love us more. Someone you have a crush on likes you back, then we give ourselves permission to love ourselves, feel enthusiasm and self worth.

I am not trying to sound like some fake woke “i’ve transcendent materialism brahhhhh”. Or that putting in effort with people is bad. That is a misinterpretation.

Products are cool. People liking you is cool. But what I am saying is we are conditioned to wait for permission for our brain to then give us good emotions.

This is VERY IMPORTANT this is definitely not the time to zone out

This habit of waiting for permission is a prison that forever keeps people far away from Lane One.

This default mode of waiting for permission makes people WAIT for bad things to happen to then grant themselves energy and motivation to take action. Extremely important key point.

Operating under the default reactive and not proactive. We WAIT for bad things to happen, which then grants our brain permission to give us energy and motivation to take action.

This is the highway to hell

  • Waiting until life is horribly uncomfortable in your body to start exercising or eating right
  • Waiting until crippling debt to start implementing a budget and making more money
  • Waiting until something bad happens to then summon motivation to take action

Lane One living does not wait. Lane One mentality KNOWS that the brain won’t feel like it until we show up. Lane One mentality knows it will become habit soon. Lane One mentality has full perception of reality and can spot the signs of being on the wrong path early on.

You won’t feel like going to the gym while laying in bed, the brain sees no need in it’s immediate environment to grant you motivation to go.

Especially before it’s a habit. Reacting will acts on that emotion of staying in bed. Responding does not act on and attach to the feeling. Responding trusts the process the PRE-PLANNED RESPONSE of following the schedule you PROACTIVELY choose and wrote down.

Stairway to Heaven: Proactively taking on their own designed challenges that excite them. From a place of inspiration. Granting themselves permission to show up and knowing the brain will deliver whats needed to get the job done once you’re there, once you’ve asked. An investor of time and energy.

Highway to Hell: Reactive and awaiting life to slap them with a challenge. Hitting rock bottoms is when neglect compounds and we are finally forced to face our compounded neglects. Not responding to life, but reacting to life is to live in a half-asleep state of re-acting the actions taken on similar emotions in the past.

A spender of time and energy. Life is constantly digging out of holes and excavating. Seeming to show no light at the end of the tunnel. No hope or signs of ever getting ahead.

Because with the inability to respond. We wait and are finally forced to focus on and fix one area of life. But the habit of reacting is still there…. often neglecting another area to fix the one life showed them to focus on, the adversity life slapped on their table. The cycle of being slapped with adversity repeats.

Lane One living doesn’t need to be spanked around. Proactively choosing challenges that excite from a place of inspiration.

“The devil finds work for idle hands”

Either you make your schedule or one will be made for you.

Here’s how ‘granted’ links with everything else.

When we are in a state of taking things for granted we naturally enter a 30% maintenance mode of effort and energy. In this state we easily slip into default programming, reaction thinking and behaving.

If our brain is only giving us 30% energy it will be almost impossible to respond and think.

Therefore the optimal interpretation of life’s opportunities is to align with positive charge, align with gratitude. Being grateful for the opportunity.

Not as a feel good motivation tactic but it shows your brain there is a need for energy and need for enthusiasm to be delivered as you are about to begin working on a opportunity that excites you.

For example view a 90 day goal not as a burden but 1/90th of a inspiring opportunity. Show up, don’t take the opportunity for granted viewing it as a burden. Your brain will deliver on your ask, your brain is always listening.

In burden mode, reactive mode. You show your brain you don’t need energy, you don’t want to be there, you don’t appreciate the opportunity. Optimal thinking is not a woo-woo technique to feel good.

Feeling better going through your life is an amazing benefit, but for those people who are very results oriented this is literally how you grant yourself more energy, stay consistent and get ahead in life.

Able to make better decisions, staying awake and out of trance default reaction mode. Responsibility, optimal interpretations are a result of this state. This leads to receiving your desired outcomes.

Schedules & The Counter-Intuitive

Schedules, routines, and habits. It is an injustice to talk about such important topics without dedicating articles to them. Those articles are on the way but here is the to the point explanation of how this is essential and ties into all the other Lane One elements.

You can NOT trust your thoughts alone to guide you

Schedules set you free. Your to-do list and not to do list is a pre-planned RESPONSE . A proactive decision. So that in the moment you don’t need to think as much. Risking making the wrong interpretation.

It is slavery to try and wing everything. Trust me from experience. I would rely on talent alone. Whenever I showed up to something i’d do it well. But the amount of energy wasted in making decisions of when to show up, what to do, whats the important thing to do. The back and fourth internal arguments, debates, and algorithm solving of those questions

Left me with no energy to show up to anything….. so that talent may as well not even been there. The talent was put into a prison by a lack of structure to allow it to be expressed.

One, it robs you if internal peace. Having to make these arguments and solve these scenarios constantly thought the day is an internal war. With no arguments to be fought, as a result of having a pre-planned to-do, not to do and principles. You reside in peace. There’s no need to fight a war you’re not required to enlist in.

“Worrying is like paying debt you do not owe” – Mark Twain

Two, it rapidly depletes the energy, willpower, creativity, and motivation for the important things. Each day we have limited energy. This is an obvious fact in the physical sense. Yet we don’t treat the mind as such. The mind burns about 300 calories a day. It’s energy is limited.

When you’re creating excuses, trying to solve whats most important to do. This is your vital energy being leaked out on dumb things like:

“what should I eat?”, “should I lift today or tomorrow?”, “should I do this project now or write that thing now?.. or do that video….or go the gym?”

We will dig into the science in upcoming articles. But trust me from personal experience it will ruin your life and stunt your potential.

My talents were not realized as early as they could have been. When the decisions of the day were finally made….which was usually not the optimal decision. I’d show up with 30-40% creativity and energy left in the tank. I could barely get one task done per day. It felt like so much willpower and effort, because I was running on an empty tank.

This can lead to a misinterpretation that we are on the wrong path. Because it is so ‘hard’ to do the work we must not love it, it must not be a good alignment.

But this is not the root. The symptom experienced was difficulty, and the root was having energy leaks. Having energy leaks, in my particular example came from relying on talent, winging the day and having no schedule.

Fighting a war I never needed to be in.

Dissolve the limiting belief that schedules are bad, or that they restrict you, or that they limit your free flowing creative spirit. These are all artificial illusions and the wrong interpretation.

Multiple articles will be coming out on habits, strategies, systems, and rituals. Ideally we want a marriage. The high level wisdom/principals married to the systems/habits/strategies. That way we have a better understanding of the equation, of the lanes.

From this position we know what to ask for and from there we can delve into the more hands on and practical work of adjusting our strategies, creating systems, and designing routines/rituals.

Those articles are soon coming stay tuned =)


The default programmed intuitive of humans is outdated REACTING. We then must take it upon ourselves to build up to the optimal conscious intuitive.

By proactively changing our interpretations and actions. RESPONDING and programming. The new programming is installed and becomes the default operating system. Our default intuition.

“When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change”

Are you notice a recurring theme in the articles and in this Lane One mentality?

The counter-intuitive. The almost exact opposite of what we think is right, ends up being the right interpretation.

Schedules and routines seem like a restrictive prison. But as we just touched on, we briefly introduced the idea they’re the ultimate freedom. And that being a slave to energy leaks and poor interpretations, not of your conscious creation, is the real prison.

As we touched on in granted and the taken for granted article. We naturally wait for inspiration to show up. But the opposite ends up being the actual formula. Show up and the brain will deliver inspiration.

We also touched on naturally seeking permission to grant ourselves an emotion. Get with someone to feel loved vs feel loved to get with someone.

In the ‘Taken for Granted’ article we clearly uncovered one of the biggest counter-intuitive mind blowing realizations. One of the most disrespectful things you could ever do to someone is give them everything they want.

If you haven’t read it check it out after reading this as we are now wrapping it all up and tying in the final key points.


We have a deeply programmed natural orientation for balance. Understanding this allows us to understand why we are acting the way we are, seeking what we seek, feeling what we feel.

We inhale and we exhale. We eat and then we….uh.. get rid of what we ate. We sleep and we awaken. Life is a Yin & Yang.

Extreme behaviors, irrational behaviors are often ROOTED from imbalance

Major Key Point. The Misunderstood Formula of The Stairway to Heaven.

The key is…

These intense emotions are data and feedback.

The RESPONSIBILITY to RESPOND, which is the ability to think and find the deeper root based on the data from the emotions, patterns of thoughts, and behaviors.

From this position, with the ability to think, we understand the emotion and INTERPRET the ROOT of the feeling. We then from a place of understanding can RESPOND with the OPTIMAL perspective and actions.

The problem is the default programming will REACT to the emotion. Identifying with it, attaching to it, and acting upon it.

Fueling a misinterpretation. Taking the thought out of the oven before it was ready. Unable to allow the data fully cook, fully process and reach our conscious mind.

This is why a popular phrase when faced with a big decision is to “sleep on it”. Hinting to allow time to fully see the season, the data, and tap into your wisdom and understand to summon the most optimal response.

This does not mean you’ll get a desired outcome every time. This does not mean you’ll avoid failure. But think much faster you would grow if your responses in all the little moments where what you believed at the time to be optimal. Your best response.

We waste a lot of time in our growth process by reacting on misinterpretations guiding us further from the truth, further from ourselves, further from what we want to experience, and further from where we really want go.

The emotional reaction blinds us from extracting and interpreting the deeper root. With this faulty data we end up SOOTHING THE SYMPTOMS. The problem itself never actually going away because the actions executed came from a non-optimal interpretation.

When we are out of balance. To react, trying GET A LOTand DO A LOT. To counterbalance the scale as shown above.

But that is soothing the root and not getting to the symptom. The lack was there first, and will still be lingering thee. It will almost guarantee you repel the thing you chase because like a hungry bear chasing you there’s a venom of needing a lot and taking expressed. Not a vibe of having something to give and sharing.

When we understand our natural orientation for balance, we understand we can grant ourselves good emotions and permissions now by being grateful for life, the opportunities and not misinterpreting them as burdens. We may not totally resolve traumas as wounds take time to heal.

But we give ourselves a MUCH better chance of realizing a desired outcome when we come with the energy of collaboration, offering value. And show up with a more optimal perspective based on reality. Not projecting our traumas onto reality bringing old, rotten, outdated perspectives to the present moment and thrusting them onto others.

We want to implement the OPTIMAL perspective. We do this buy interpreting properly. Which is responsibility seeing the data of life in-front of us.

Sometimes a perspective that served you in the past is no longer the optimal perspective in the present.

In a rock bottom season where you have no money. The imbalance in money may require implementing the optimal perspectives of hustling, grinding, working hard and doing what it takes to get out of rock bottom.

In a season on middle ground or higher ground. It’s been glorified to hustle and grind all the time. But good intentions aren’t always the optimal perspectives.

Forcing hustle and grind in a season of prosperity. You may knock yourself out of balance. Burning out, developing a nasty emotion towards your work, or issues of neglect like health, family, emotions, creativity. Getting lost in the sauce as some people call it. Losing sight of the bigger picture. Don’t misinterpret this as working hard is bad.

But what I am suggesting is when we are too ATTACHED to a optimal perspective that once served us we tend to stop thinking and interpreting the season in-front of us now.

Being caught with a winter coat and layers on a 103 degree summer day. You’ll be uncomfortable and likely get sick.

The paranoid, head down, escape rock bottom mode is a perspective that was optimal in one season. But as you level up in life work becomes higher level thinking. A game of smarter systems not harder effort. Still effort, consistency and diligence. But if you don’t pick your head up and took a look around at the new reality. You’ll likely be putting in a 10 on effort and getting back 4 because there are new ways of maneuvering in higher levels.

The inability to adapt is to disrespect the seasons of life. And it stems not from being a unworthy person. Rather, being lured into not thinking, little to no conscious responding, no longer seeing reality in front of you and interpreting it.

A head down mode serves you when life is ugly and you don’t want to look around.

….But once you escape rock bottom. To continue executing escapism thinking in a season of prosperity. Unintentional self sabotage. Mixed with highly inefficient work, no updated systems. Leading to the crumbling of everything you worked to build is likely.

As we saw with blockbuster they had a hard time adapting and are no longer with us… i think? Maybe they are…. idk….RIP

It is when we stop interpreting and responding we get caught too attached to one perspective. Being very quiet and shy may have served you if you had parents with a temper or parents who made you feel bad every time you expressed yourself. As a kid that may have been the optimal perspective.

But as an adult 10+ years later. It is a reaction from the past. To still be implementing that perspective in the present moment is far from optimal. Because it is not based on the reality in front of you. Therefore it’s artificial projection of the past.

But the problem is we rarely are conscious the belief’s we hold until we begin working on ourselves and growing. We are taught surface level thinking. Information memory sponges. We are not taught how to think and to connect the dots of wisdom.

So on the surface level. The symptom becomes the identity. “I am just a shy person, not a real energetic guy”. This is not the root, and this is not the truth. It’s a false interpretation of the past being projected into the present.

Unaware of our beliefs we assume the identify of our behaviors.

But if those behaviors were not consciously programmed by you…

How could you ever blame yourself. You still must take responsibility to grow and begin installing the optimal interpretations for this season.

But hating yourself for something you did not do is also a incorrect interpretation that is not optimal

“Feedback only determines strategy not self worth”

Clues from Nature & Closing Thoughts

We gain clues for optimal and natural from nature. Try to bend your index finger the wrong way and you will feel pain. There are paths and ways of thinking that also lead us to discomfort.

If you have a look right now…. between your thighs…

You’ll see we humans come equipped with a area of creation and reproduction. We are also equipped with limbs that move.

Parallel to the reproductive process we get clues that it is natural for us to express, create, move, collaborate, be present in the moment. Doing this leads to a ‘reward’. A feeling of a climax. I believe this parallels life and give’s us a clue on a optimal interpretation and way of being.

Disease. The word literally says DIS-EASE. Not at ease. Depression stemming from the root of ‘to be compressed on’, ‘pressed down’. This shows being compressed, not expressing, not moving, being stagnant, is a not optimal way of being. Suggesting we should not implement interpretations of hiding, fearing, timidity.

But unfortunately our old programming is designed to survive not thrive.

We view the tiny tasks of the modern world and by default interpret them as a big dangerous threat. Felt as a emotion of resistance. This gives clues that it is up to us to respond and reprogram our defaults if we are to thrive in the modern world.

We also get a clue from nature. Seasons change, time is flowing. Change is the only constant. Being attached to one perspective will lead to discomfort.

Summoning the optimal perspective in the optimal season. This is to think. How to think is not taught to us. What to think is taught to us. We can get into conspiracy maybe some other time on a theory of how this could have been intentional.

Finally another clue to touch on. Trees, and plants.

The deep roots is what allows them to stand tall. Weak artificial roots from poor interpretations stunts our growth. Also like the tree we must take rain or sunshine and use it to grow.

In adversity there is wisdom, in the storm we get nutrients to grow. In sunshine these nutrients shine as we radiate our finer tuned perspectives and express them outward.

But like the tree as mentioned in ‘Granted’. We can’t wait for the massive storm to recognize the opportunity to grow and smaller patterns of the smaller rainy days, which hold clues and nutrients.

Part of living in the Lane One mindset is being able to think. Which allows you to see early on patterns and behaviors of neglect. Not having to wait for storms and rock bottoms to kick you into action.

Summary of it all in pretty much one word format…

  • Interpretation
  • Responsibility
  • Optimal Response
  • Root Healing Vs Symptom Soothing
  • Granting – Proactive & Gratitude
  • Pre-Planned Responses ‘Schedules’
  • Counter-Intuitive
  • Orientation for Balance

“Wisdom is not the ability to see things, it’s the ability to see through things”

Each of the key elements discussed was quick birds eye overview. This subject of The Stairway to Heaven or Lane One could be a book in itself. So I must cut it short here.

Even though there are some other elements missing those will come in different articles as I don’t want this post to turn into a book and get too long.

Some of the additional elements not entirely covered in this article are:

  • Intent
  • Grounding
  • Slaying & Observing
  • Frame
  • Seasons

Typically I find it less effective writing in this style as it leaves a lot of room for misinterpretation. Usually I like to dedicate one article for each point.

But this article serves as an example, to show how we tie in multiple perspectives and interpretations. Stringing the stars into a constellation of wisdom which then allows us to respond with the optimal perspective.

The skill of navigating and connecting the stars is the ‘thinking’ process converting information and insight into wisdom.

But for now these 8 elements should be plenty =)

Feel free to send me a message if you have questions and I will do my best to reply.

Thank you for reading!

Your Friend,


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