Lead with the offer – sales & romance


Check out this chart

This comes from Bob Bly’s book “How to Create Irresistible Offers”

You’ll see being brand driven is the most expensive way to get a sale, and being offer driven is the least expensive way to get a sale

Example of being offer driven is: “Roofers in Houston – we’ll add 10 new projects a month to your business using Google Ads”

Example of brand driven: “Free report on the Houston roofing market forecasts”

The brand approach is putting out things indirectly related to what you offer – trying to educate, build a relationship, so that hopefully they’ll come through and convert

The offer approach is putting out what you have to offer – any advancement in the conversation from that point is under the premise of your offer

Interestingly, this same dynamic appears in dating

Many opt for the brand approach – never stating your intention, breadcrumbing, leaving hints for them to pick up on, endless indirect chit chat

Maybe he’ll get her Instagram – post some stories hoping she replies to his stories, he’ll reply to her smoothie picture stories – but won’t ask her out directly

Unless a damn red carpet is rolled out with blatantly obvious signs
…he won’t do anything, and so he is essentially just ‘building his brand’ in her perception throughout his many hours of doing this.

Similar to the diagram above this brand approach is very expensive

Spending A LOT of time, energy, attention, and mental bandwidth to essentially orbit and hover in her awareness…hoping that something comes of it

Whereas the offer-driven approach is from the jump leading with the offer

State your intention, let her know you’d like to go out sometime

Like the diagram above, this is the least expensive way to ‘get a sale’ – you won’t be SPENDING loads of time, energy, attention, etc beating around the bush and orbiting hoping something comes of it

But here’s the thing…

There’s a time and place for branding

That time is at a point of SCALE

When you already have clients/customers, when you’ve already got a solid amount of cash coming in – then it makes sense to begin putting out brand content to nurture the next round of clients and customers and build out a more leveraged system for attracting in clients

Marketing/Branding is a lubricant not requirement

Building that brand helps to make future sales easier and more seamless

Similarly, having a solid social media profile (your brand) will make dating and initial attraction easier – however it IS NOT a requirement, it just makes things easier

When starting off? You want to be DIRECT and making offers to your market.

Back to the dating comparison – this is the equivalent of building out your social media profiles, now those story replies coming in are essentially just ‘pipeline’ (pun intended)

However when starting off…that’s not the game to play, that’s the longer term brand play, the more leveraged play

The offer-driven play is the immediate starting ground

Just go talk to her, make your intention clear, let the chips fall where they may

Time Warping

This understanding gives you the ability to warp time and bend reality

You’ll see most monetized content creators will post for YEARS…then begin selling some inexpensive product to monetize

Pulling in about $3-5k/month after MONTHS AND YEARS of building up a audience

That is the brand-first approach

The offer-first approach warps time

Getting to $3-5k a month happens IMMEDIETLY by making offers and selling

There mere act of validating your idea IN ITSELF will bring that $3-5k/month because you’re validating through the metric of sales made, the most important and true metric

(vali-dating) to validate is a dating process

Similarly in dating – forget the little ‘signs’ like the eye contact here and there, the little hair/outfit fixing

….did she say yes to going on a date with you or no? That is the most true metric

Imagine that…

Leading with the offer, validating it (while getting paid and using sales as the validation metric), THEN bolting on the marketing around what you know is validated….THEN bolting on branding and long-term pipeline strategies

Most get it backwards

They start with branding and marketing (friendzoning themselves)

Tons of content, educating, a bunch of indirect things…then hopefully, maybeeeeeee some of them will convert

This is the difference between guys with 4k followers doing $40k/month
and guys with 40k followers doing $4k a month

It’s that simple inversion

and this time warping effect is equally as prevalent in the dating market

The brand-driven indirect types will spend MONTHS even YEARS replying to her stories, having little conversations with her about nothing – being in the friendzone hoping to one day convert

With the offer-driven approach, heck…that same business day something can be going down.

Time warping

So simply put…

Just make the damn offer

Now…for getting laid, that’s not my niche on here
But for getting paid, we will be going into some of the keys on how to make offers, validating things with sales and what that looks like in practice

Stay tuned
(go make some offers and do some vali-dating)

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