Impossible Equations & Corrupt Conditions


Equations to fulfill ambitions are not hard to solve
Equations people create are impossible to solve

Is it truly difficult and complex?

Or do people make it difficult and complex

What is business?

Business is supplying demand at a profit

It’s a very simple equation

In fact, you don’t even need to solve it

You can just look at others who have solved it and combine the best elements to best supply the demand


So why is it so hard? What makes it difficult and complex?

It’s because people add conditions to the equation

Conditions which do not belong in the equation

When equations from other areas of life remain unsatisfied, those elements unconsciously get crammed into one equation

Your career or business is not designed to satisfy the needs you receive from friends

Your friends are not meant to satisfy the needs you receive from business

Let’s pull up this simple equation again

Business is to supply demand at a profit

But let’s say he also has a validation void
He’s not getting validation from other areas of his life

This validation void will unconsciously seek expression and satisfaction in the business equation
(or whatever equation/expression he attempts, the baggage always shows up with it)

The equation then becomes:

Supply demand at a profit AND supply me with validation

This adds needs to simultaneously satisfy
It adds a condition to the equation

Which increases complexity, decreases maneuverability, and decreases probability

But conditions come with a opposite pairing
Which in this case is avoiding loss of current validation

To satisfy ‘supply me with validation’ it comes with the opposite negative pairing which is ‘avoid rejection’

So now the equation is:

Supply demand at a profit AND supply me with validation AND avoid rejection

Not only does this make things more complex, but it also destroys your ability to think

When there is only ONE intention:

“Supply demand at a profit”

100% of the minds processing power is constantly working toward solving that ONE question.

The thoughts you receive from your subconscious will be it’s attempts and answers at solving that one intention

When there are multiple intentions, processing power gets divided and mental bandwidth gets clogged

33% is now allocated to: supply demand at a profit
33% goes to supply me with validation
and 33% goes to avoiding rejection

There is also a MUCH bigger problem here and that is the conflicting flow of energy

Supplying demand at a profit is a SERVING energy, a giving energy, it flows outwards

Supplying validation to self is a SIPHONING energy, a taking energy, it flows inwards

There’s a energetic mismatch
The denser the mismatch the more force will be required
The denser the mismatch the less energy you will have

Like walking forward while heavy wind is blows intensely at you

It would be like having your two front tires moving north and your two back tires moving south

You’d exert a lot of energy, the car would rev and burn fuel, but the car would not move, it would not go anywhere

This flow of energy is also what results in self consciousness

33% is focusing on supplying the demand/serving/giving
66% is focusing on himself, how he appears and the things he needs to fuel himself

There is no ‘self consciousness’ when your mind is not on the self
If you’ve ever been totally immersed in a task, the only thoughts crossing your mind were related to the task

and remember the reason these things get added to the equation is because they’re not being satisfied in other areas of life, in the equations they belong

and if those other equations are not being satisfied it’s likely not going to be one isolated variable left unsatisfied

So let’s add one more variable

Let’s say he also wants to look cool

Well why does he want to look cool?

(plenty of reasons that could be, maybe he’s struggling in his dating life and wants women to think he’s cool because he does cool work, maybe he is lacking friends and wants to attract cool friends by being someone who does something cool)

Looking cool & validation does not belong in the business equation

..but when it’s not being satisfied or attempted in the other equations, unconsciously, it will seek expression in the things we are attempting in the present

It will seek expression in the equation/activity we are focusing on at the moment

Let’s add it to the equation:

Supply demand at a profit
AND supply validation
AND avoid rejection
AND look cool
AND avoid looking not cool

We have to also add the negative opposite of looking cool because it comes as a pair, which is to avoid looking uncool

Now this equation is impossible to solve.
Because by satisfying one condition it will violate another condition

and… the equation for business/career is not designed to solve the problems he has placed in the equation

The logical and best decision to make for the business and for serving people is NOT going to be the same as the emotional decision which satisfies looking cool or getting validation

…and now he is absolutely stuck, his equation is impossible to solve

No matter what he does if he satisfies one condition it violates another

Even if he tries to make a decision it will be a terrible decision

20% of his processing power & energy is on the root desire which is running a business, supplying demand at a profit, and serving

80% of his processing power & energy is divided up, attempting to satisfy all the other conditions added to the equation

All of this is happening unconsciously

Business was the simplest example to illustrate the concept, but this problem occurs in every equation

The problem of adding conditions which don’t belong in the equation due to not having them satisfied in the equation where they belong

Your career is not designed to satisfy the needs you receive from your hobbies

Your relationship is not designed to satisfy the needs you receive from your friends

Counterintuitive Solutions

The less you need the more you have
The more you have the more you give
The more you give the more you receive

‘Needing less’ is not to be mistaken for lowering your ambition

It is actually needing less that brings ambition into fruition

‘Needing less’ refers to the conditions unessessirarly added to the equation

Needing validation
Needing to avoid rejection
Needing to look cool
Needing to not look uncool
Needing total certainty and assurance
Needing permission

…and various other ‘needs’ which don’t belong in that equation

Each of these conditions diminishes & divides processing power

It drains A LOT of energy attempting to satisfy and juggle multiple conflicting conditions

Which means you have less energy to give

and that means you can’t give enough to receive

When the equation is corrupt the person also becomes corrupt

If a person doesn’t have enough to give, the unconscious mind will find another way to get what it needs

It will exit the giving & receiving paradigm
and operate from the inverted negative paradigm of siphoning and taking

Like a fruit that receives very little water and sunlight,
It will be a smaller fruit with less nutrition to give because it is not receiving or satisfying what it needs

When people don’t satisfy or receive what they need the collective of their needs get projected onto the present activity

He will be extremely needy on his dates and have very little to give
He will need so many things satisfied beyond the scope of what his business is meant to satisfy and he will have so little to actually give in exchange for those high expectations

This negative inversion is one of the core roots of all human suffering

Causing humans to compete against each other for energy

Repressing energy
Wasting energy on conflicting intentions & distorted actions
and siphoning more energy from other humans to keep the cycle going since they can’t give enough to receive

What I mean by “competing for energy against each other” is the negative inverted form of competition not the positive form of competition

Positive competition is “may the best man win”
Both sides show up, play their best, express their energy and that pushes them both to grow
It actually increases their energy and acts as a catalyst for them to summon/create more energy

📜 “As iron sharpens iron so one person sharpens another” – Proverbs 27:17

Negative competition happens when people don’t have enough energy to play the game

It would be like trying to injure the other team as the strategy for victory instead of actually playing the game


For the “cup that runneth over” there is so much energy you’ll naturally be drawn to do something with it
Sharing, serving, expressing, moving, creating in various forms

When your energy ‘bank account’ is not bankrupt
You HAVE something to GIVE

Think about it,
Someone with high self worth
How much do they NEED when they interact with people?

If they already HAVE high self worth
They don’t NEED to siphon good reactions to get self worth
Which means they HAVE more energy to give/share/express
Which means they RECEIVE better reactions

The low self worth person NEEDS more
Validation, assurance, positive feedback, energy

Which means they HAVE less
Which means they GIVE less
Which means they RECEIVE less

It’s a negative feedback loop

This is why life unfolds in spirals

Riding a negative feedback loop down
Riding a positive feedback loop up

Spiral Expressions

The 7 sins and 7 virtues I believe are not things people ‘do’
Almost everything we ever do is unconscious and something we’ve already done

People rarely ‘do’ something

Expressions of the 7 sins & 7 virtues more so reflect who you are being and where you’re at as a whole
Acting as indicators revealing the spiral you are riding in

The acts themselves are reflective outputs, effects stemming from a larger root cause

On the negative downward spiral, inverted & siphoning energy
The person lacks and therefore needs energy and has little to give as a way to receive it

Being in this spiral leads to expressing ‘sins’

Greed, Envy, Lust, Laziness, Gluttony

Notice they are all siphoning energy inward
Needing so much, consuming so much, doing so little

Envy & Lust also show up as a side effect of lack and of the voids
From not having self worth, not having needs met
Pretty much not HAVING energy and NEEDING it

On the positive upward spiral, expressive & sharing energy
The person already has a lot of energy and has a lot to give

Being on this spiral you naturally would express the opposite of the negative

Having that energy you’d not be lazy, you’d naturally feel compelled to do things and to express

If you had self worth you’d not be envious or lustful
You’d look at people doing better as inspiring, cool, or interesting

You’d not demonstrate greed
You have so much energy to give, you have the ability to earn more, do more
When you do receive money it doesn’t get hoarded

It goes right back out, it is given away

Into a investment portfolio, letting companies use it for their growth and because you GAVE IT you will RECEIVE more of it
Investing in cool projects
Investing it back into the business
Investing it into real estate
Investing it back into your development

This goes beyond money – money is ONE expression, one reflection of the overall energetic signature

Who is cheap with money will also be cheap with energy
Who is on the positive spiral shares value and energy with people

Who is on the negative spiral does the bare minimum expression
Because they HAVE so little to give it must be used conservatively
Because they NEED validation so badly they repress to avoid risking a rejection

Addition by Subtraction

Necessary Conditions vs Unnecessary Conditions

Necessary conditions are human needs
These can’t be ignored or removed from the equation of life

One key point being made in the article is those needs are best satisfied when in their respective equations

Intimate relationships are not designed to satisfy the needs received from friends

Business is not designed to satisfy the needs from hobbies

I also want to take a second to clarify
It is possible to receive multiple and the same good emotions from one source

However this can often lead to inflated expectations projected & worse outcomes

Imagine a man didn’t have friends or a purpose

Those needs still need to get satisfied, they’d seek expression
He’d unconsciously end up projecting inflated expectations on his girlfriend

When our human needs are in their respective equation it is simplest to satisfy them
It also frees up bandwidth to allocate 100% to the equation at hand
Instead of splitting our intentions into fractions within the same equation

100% in your relationship
100% in your work
100% in your friendships
100% in your hobbies

When you’re doing something you are fully present and connected with it
Unified harmony with the present moment naturally occurs when not divided trying to extract a unsatisfied void from the moment

Which means you both give more to the experience and get more out of the experience

👻 Phantom Variables

Unnecessary conditions we can refer to as Phantom Variables

Like ghosts or monsters under the bed
They can only exist if you believe in them

They are not required in the equation
Both directly AND indirectly

A phantom variable rarely even serves an indirect purpose

It’s conditions set that aren’t required

For example, learning calculus before attempting day trading
Or getting in shape before attempting to start a business

Unrequired, irrational, and totally unnecessary – phantoms constructed by mind

That example makes it obvious, but people follow similar logic often

Setting a obstacle or condition before action which is not required
Often irrational and totally unnecessary

Why does this happen?
As we’ve touched on earlier

1 – Lower self worth and lower energy available = NEEDING more certainty, assurance, proof, etc

2 – There is also the dominance of energy flowing inward
Which means NEEDING to take more, study more, prepare more, know more
Expressing/giving may be at a ratio of 5% while repressing/taking is at a ratio of 95%

So it FEELS like much more is required
There is a feeling of heavy friction in attempting & expressing, because the majority of the energy if repressing and flowing inward

3 – It’s a more complex equation because it’s attempting to solve multiple unsatisfied needs, creating a perceived assumptive feeling of more difficulty and more requirements, but these are as real as a monster under the bed. Only able to exist because of the construction made by the mind

If we take everything we discussed so far,
We see a major reason this persists is because it also effects people’s mode of thinking, information processing, and reality perception
Which then outputs thoughts, feelings, and beliefs aligned with the energetic signature

This leads to a high probability of implementing a ineffective solution

We see it all the time

What do people always attempt to do?

Add, get, push, force

As we’ve discussed in the previous article – subtraction is a primary component for addition when dealing with power and energy

Decreasing Resistance = obstructions, dissolving unnecessary conditions and phantom variables
Subtracting is the first step to adding

Without exerting any additional energy
By first subtracting what is robbing energy & processing power you simultaneously GAIN energy and remove resistance

Why can’t you JUST gain more voltage/energy?

Because that will often also equally increase resistance leading to a net neutral, nothing gained

Testosterone for example
Everyone always starts with “how can I increase my testosterone?”

Hardly anyone ever asks
“What’s obstructing my production and utilization of testosterone?”

If you ONLY increase testosterone, and start with just that
If your body is still poor at making testosterone and utilizing available testosterone you’ll only get a fractional result

AND…..the negative habits & lifestyle choices which are suppressing testosterone remain neglected
So they continue to compound and become more severe, further decreasing total testosterone and ability to utilize testosterone

Even with the aid of doing things to increase testosterone
That can actually enable the continuation and existence of things suppressing testosterone by covering them up instead of resolving them

This phenomenon means people need MUCH higher dosages required to compensate for poor utilization, higher dosages = higher side effects


Like the circuit diagram above more dosage, more energy is needed to blast through the resistance (inefficiencies, phantom variables, misplaced conditions, etc)

WHICH IS WHY the medical field has a RAMPANT problem with ridiculously inflated dosages

It’s insane seeing ‘experts’ prescribe kids ridiculously high dosages of prescription drugs

The dosage is increased…..but nobody ever takes a second to ask
Why is it metabolizing so poorly?

Improving the efficacy with subtle changes in diet and lifestyle, some natural supplements, etc
(Things that would benefit them overall anyway)

The dosages would be sliced to fractions of the prescribed mega doses and yield the exact same, if not better results without exposure to the negative side effects and permanent damage that high dosages cause

But of course that can’t be done haha, no no

If they did that the kids might actually be able to come off the drug as their bodies recovered
Or they’d only need tiny doses far less frequently, only 1-3x a week

This illustrates a topic for another article
But embedded in society are phantom variables, inaccurate corrupt ideas which facilitates the distortion of perception

As for this article,
The examples above demonstrate with real life examples the concept of subtracting before adding, and ideally while also adding

Adding without subtracting in some instances can have benefit but often has the opposite effect and increases resistance

Because it is an attempt to compensate and continue neglecting the obstructions
Attempting to overpower resistance which often has a second order consequence of increasing resistance

“What you resist persists”

Inputs & outputs
Causes & effects
Actions & reactions

It’s all life’s equations, and they contain their own inertia
Putting us on a upward or downward spiral

The less you need the more you have
The more you have the more you give
The more you give the more you receive

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