The Seven Essene Mirrors

  • Why are you attracted to the people you are attracted to?
  • Why do you attract the results you get?
  • Why are certain habits in your life?

In this incredibly powerful post we are going to reveal hidden ancient wisdom from the dead sea scrolls. Popular things like ‘The Law of Attraction’ are actually edited, heavily marketed, dumbed down, mainstream versions of The Seven Essene Mirrors. Only telling about 1/7th of the full understanding as to why we attract what we attract in our lives.

With this understanding of how the mirrors work you’ll be able to extract lessons from your life with much greater precision. As well as navigate the current point of your life with much greater precision. Buckle up as we are about to hit on deep roots in the realms of health, wealth, love and why things happen they way they do in your world.

These are The Seven Essene mirrors, injected with my interpretations and add-ons. From my life’s experiences. Which will help make them much more clear and give practical steps to use them to extract essential insight about yourself. I highly recommend reading the entire post. The biggest mirrors for me are mirror seven, two, three, and six.

Lock-in and let’s now dive right in!

Mirror One – Who we are

As we go down the mirrors they become more and more subtle. Mirror number one is the most obvious one.

“You attract what you are” & “Like attracts like”.

Nothing groundbreaking or too new in this first mirror. If you’re a soccer player you’re likely to hang out with soccer players. If you’re a biker you’re likely to hang out with bikers. Arrogant guys tend to roll with arrogant guys. Dorks roll with dorks… you get the idea.

“Birds of a feather flock together” type of thing. Happy people attract happy people…..but what happens when they don’t? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do we attract things we don’t desire?

This is the problem I mentioned earlier. The mainstream edited version of ‘The Law of Attraction’ is very flawed and can cause more harm than good. If a good person attracts a bad person, all of their ‘Law of Attraction’ friends in their Facebook group will assume it’s because he or she is actually a bad person, or that they’re a bad person and they just don’t know it, or they’re hiding the truth about being a bad person.

This is insanity and it is not true. Because we have SIX other mirrors. So i’m not going to go too in-depth on the first mirror. There will be more articles on parallel topics in the future but for now take the first mirror as: “you attract what you are”

Mirror Two – Judgement’s, Fears, Beliefs, Projections

Attracting exactly what you DON’T want to happen. Because of projected presumptions. Here are a few examples to make this clear:

Tom is a pretty solid guy. He is on the basketball team at his school. He has good grades. He’s got friends. He is in shape. Tom is going on a date.

Tom has had a lot of rejection in his past, he hit his ‘growth spurt’ last year and before that was much shorter, more shy, and was not playing any sports. This is the first girl who has ever shown interest in him. He believes girls are so hard to impress, he’s lucky to even get a chance with this girl, he doesn’t want to blow it.

Because Tom unconsciously made this such a big deal. Because there is all this pressure and expectation. He is going to be too trapped in his head, too timid, not actually being himself but calculating what he thinks this girl wants to see. It’s this mixture of timidity, not being himself, too in his head that REFLECTS aka outward expresses a vibe that the girl won’t enjoy feeling and being around.

The very thing he did not want to happen…happened. He blew it.

Because his assumptions, fears, and beliefs projected itself onto reality. And so reality reflected back at him his beliefs. “As you believe so shall be done on to you”.

Because of HIS PAST, not because of reality. He believed girls are complex, he is lucky to be with her. That is not present reality, these are past beliefs PROJECTED onto present reality. Projected meaning expressed through his words, actions, body language the vibe he gives off is then received and interpreted as a bad vibe/creepy/not cool vibe. And so he is REFLECTED back a ‘rejection’

Mirror number one says you attract what you are. But our Tom is a solid guy though. And this is why the other six mirrors are essential to understand. Mirror Two invites us to explore the possibility that what has been reflected to us, stems from our beliefs, assumptions, and fears.

Other examples. If you believe it is extremely difficult to get in shape. Extreme difficulty is what will be reflected back at you. Your beliefs dictate your RAS (reticular activation system). This is what you focus on.

There are meal plans and training programs that aren’t that bad to follow and are actually pretty enjoyable. But they might as well not even exist on planet earth if your beliefs are locked in, if your assumption is IT HAS TO BE DIFFICULT, IT HAS TO BE A GRIND. You will only be able to physically see difficult meal plans, you won’t even look up or resonate with more effective ways of training. This is an example of attracting a difficult reality based on beliefs and assumptions…..which is then projected on reality and becomes reality.

This is more subtle than the first mirror. There are multiple ways it can pan out. But for your own usage. When Mirror One is truthfully not the reason of a result attracted in your life ask yourself “Is this something I judged, made an assumption of, or had a fear about?”

Mirror Three – Lost Parts of Ourselves

This is where it gets interesting. This is where you really want to dial in your focus. This third mirror is so powerful I may even make a separate post just on this third mirror.

Parts of ourselves lost, taken from us, or given away

This explains so much about relationships. Why cheating often happens. People that constantly bounce in and out of relationships. And why you like what you think you like

Opposites Attract

When you feel a STRONG almost magnet like attraction for someone you don’t know that well. This is almost a guaranteed sign it’s a bad decision not based out of love but out of need. It will often be short lived infatuation, not love.

Love is something grown into, it gets stronger as you get to know each other more. From the get go there is interest which then proceeds to grow. With opposite attract, ‘false love’ ,there is a STRONG magnetism pulling you toward each other. It ‘feels’ so right

But the real reason opposites attract and why it’s ‘false love’ is because it’s based on filling a void within ourselves. A part of ourselves that was either lost, given away, or taken.

For example. Someone who had to start working at a very young age like 14. Never went to parties, had overprotective parents. This person may have a part of themselves ‘lost and taken away’, their childhood was taken from them. When they get older they could very well be attracted to someone who is childish. The childish person could like them back because they seek that structure and discipline to make life less chaotic.

Another example is a girl who is incredibly innocent and sweet. Being attracted to a destructive guy. If again like the first person her parents were too overprotective, it could be unconsciously interpreted as a ‘lost childhood’ the rebellious spirit/liberation/freedom part of her feels taken from her. This void within her seeks fulfillment and she is drawn magnetically to more dangerous types to fill that void.

OR.. let’s give this a twist. Let’s say her parents were not overprotective in this 2nd scenario. But they got a divorce, or maybe her dad was going down a bad path and eventually lost everything. If her youthful mind interprets the situation wrong, which is common for a underdeveloped child mind. She could then have this void within her to take on the role of a ‘fixer/savior’

Being drawn towards broken men wanting to ‘fix’ things. These are just some of many examples of why opposites have this very strong attraction. Because it fills voids of parts of ourselves we unconsciously feel are missing.

Here’s also a little curve ball to throw at you. A really different way of viewing opposites. Take this with a grain of salt

Masculine and Feminine – We come into this world male or female. If we are a man we’ve chosen the masculine which means we automatically experience very little of the feminine. But the brain, the soul, the spirit is technically not man or woman. The reason we are attracted to the opposite sex is because it fills that ‘void’.

As a man you crave feminine energy because it’s technically a part of you that’s been ‘lost’, not really gone but as a man you just choose to delve mostly in the masculine. A woman delves more into the feminine naturally and craves the masculine. In intimacy and relationships, yes we experiencing another person, but that person also reflects parts of us that we don’t often get in touch with.

But keep in mind. The body will orient to fulfill the lack of the dominant energy. For example, let’s say a boy comes into this world and he for whatever reason, let’s say his environment, does not have anything masculine about it. Everything about his daily activities, the people around him, his friends. It’s all feminine energy and ways of being.

He will likely have no need, no craving for feminine energy. It’s already fulfilled within him. But his dominant energy of masculinity is not fulfilled, there is now a void and a strong desire to be attracted toward the masculine even though he is born a man.

Just something to think about in understanding why we naturally seek to fill voids. Engaging in the external which is what makes the third mirror so powerful and a major cause of whats reflected back at us in life


This is not the only reason for cheating. But have a look. So when we act on this strong magnet attraction and get into a relationship with this opposite person. They serve us by fulfilling a void within us. Let’s say for this example it’s carefree, fun, childhood void we have fulfilled in being with this person. Here’s what ends up happening….

Over time we heal our own void in experiencing that energy, or just in working on ourselves. When that void is healed, the attraction dies. The magnet no longer works. There is no need for this person anymore our brain thinks. But then a vicious cycle begins….

To then maintain this relationship would require sacrificing aka giving away parts of you. Which will then create a new void you never had in the first place. For example if you’re introverted. Your carefree, fun, extroverted partner is always dragging you out. You compromise a bit, but compromise when shifts into burden and sacrifice. This is when we give parts of ourselves away. The introvert is maybe sacrificing their peace, their recharge time, their structure.

Now there is a new void. The lost childhood void is healed, the void was filled after being in a relationship with this partner. But now a new void is created. Losing peace and that chill relaxation you once had.

Attraction with the current partner is now gone because the original void is filled. Then….along comes someone with that chill and peace. Someone that fulfills this new void. And just like the attraction with the first partner, VWOOOOP. Like a magnet a STRONG attraction that ‘feels’ so right. With the current partner attraction has died, this new person feels ‘so right’ and the brain rationalizes cheating.

Again this is not the be all end all of cheating. But just demonstrating some of the power and realizations that come from understanding the mirrors. Seeing how patterns play out. How life reflects back to us.

So to conclude the third mirror. If you feel a STRONG, nearly instant magnetic attraction towards someone ask yourself “what do I see in this person that I’ve either lost, had taken from me, or given away within myself? This will help you gain clarity. Is your decision is based on neediness, lack, and a void. Or if your attraction is more genuine, actual interest not ‘false love’ seeking to fill a void. Seeking a ‘better half’.

Mirror Four – Compulsive Addictions

This mirror reveals to us the compulsive addictions we have in our life. Society is very quick to just point at the symptom and not understand the root of our addictions. When we take a deep look into the fourth mirror we will see the reflections that reveal the roots of our addictions.

Let’s take binge eating junk food for example. This may be one root and I am not claiming this is the cure all for binge eating, but having some experience with this myself here is a deeper root behind it. I often say when there is a lack of fulfillment from producing and expressing in life we gravitate toward consumables the make us ‘feel full’. ‘Comfort foods’ to fill in the discomfort within us. Soothing the lack of comfort with food.

A lot of our addictions stem from escapism. Escaping how we feel and soothing the symptoms instead of addressing the root. Let’s look at caffeine and stimulants for example. With both junk food and stimulants there is a normal amount to consume. But when it becomes excessive and an addiction we have to look into the fourth mirror and identify a root.

Why do you need so much caffeine you must ask. Look at why your energy is low to begin with. A simple example tied in with junk food is that it causes blood sugar crashes. Eating a large quantity of processed carbs and sugars in the morning spikes blood sugar, then it crashes. When it crashes we experience brain fog, lethargy, fatigue.

To only look at the symptom we gravitate towards a coffee or a energy drink to spike us back up. But that is soothing the symptom. Seek the roots. Addictions have a compound effect. Eating too much and too poorly for a long number of days will lead to a unhealthy body. Creating even more uncomfortable feelings within. The upcoming mirror six will go deeper into what happens when our addictions go unchecked. When we keep soothing instead of understanding the root.

I gave food and stimulant examples as they are very common and a easy to process example. But addictions can be things like sex addiction, needing other peoples approval for validation, addiction to making money fearing taking time off will make you poor again. Try not to misinterpret this as junk food is to never be consumed, caffeine is to never be consumed, making lot’s of money is bad. What I am saying is when you lose moderation and balance and go from a a supplement to a addiction.

When things are out of balance and we are sacrificing parts of ourselves in maintaining the addiction. This is when there is another deeper root at play and the heavy need for these things is shining a light on a void, trauma, or some root we are neglecting by masking the symptoms with ‘soothing’.

So for mirror four. Look at some of your habits that lean more towards addictions rather than supplements. Ask, why? Then keep asking why and see what answers come up for you. Video games are cool but an addiction to them stems from a larger root. Soothing the need for achievement and leveling up artificially instead of in reality.

Addiction to watching sports. Soothing a need to be in the arena, taking action in life, by living vicariously through other men. Don’t misinterpret as binary good and bad, true and false, these are just examples of roots. Not everyone who loves sports is addicted. It’s not always rooted in escapism. But escapism through addictions is more common than you may think.

But ask yourself questions in regards to the roots of your compulsive behaviors and you’ll be surprised what reflects back at you

Mirror Five – Mother & Father

This is a subtle mirror and like the other mirrors they don’t apply to every situation or experience in our lives.

If you hold the belief that your parents think you’re not good enough, or that they are judgmental. It can often reflect back at you in your reality. Remember in mirror two. Tom. His beliefs projected on to reality and the thing he feared ended up happening. Are you unconsciously very defensive around your parents? Judging them for how they raised you? Thinking they only love you if you’re achieving enough?

Like Tom you may not be giving yourself permission to enjoy time with your parents and are over-blowing your reaction to some past feedback they gave you. If a belief you hold within is judging them for how they raised you. You’re likely to receive judgement back. If you believe they think you’re never good enough, you’re vibe will be less confident and apologetic when explaining to them what you’re trying to do.

Again this is a very subtle mirror and does not apply to every situation. Out of all 7 mirrors this may be the hardest one to understand because we have such deep rooted emotions with our family.

So for mirror five ask yourself. Am I projecting onto my mother and father fears, assumptions, and judgement?

Mirror Six – Dark Knight of The Soul

This mirror means a lot to me personally and for many of you reading this you’ve already experienced mirror six. I like to refer to this as the mirror of neglect, pain, darkness, and shadows.

Arguably the strongest of the mirrors. When we neglect things in our life they compound in the background. Eventually this compounding gets so large there is a collapse of these ‘neglect’ bricks that come crashing down onto us. A big moment of adversity, forcing us to see the reflection of what we’ve been neglecting.

An obvious example is health. Making a handful of bad choices per day compounds. You go in for a check-up and see you have high cholesterol, poor liver function, or pre-diabetic. Or even if you don’t have a health issue bad health choices compound as you gain weight and become more uncomfortable in your body. Until we experience a ‘enough is enough’ ‘rock bottom’ moment where maybe you get fully winded just going up the stairs, none of your clothes fit, or you see a picture of yourself and snap out of the trance of addictions and can’t believe that you look that way.

Mirror six is to get us to snap out of the trance and shine a light on things we’ve been neglecting. For example if you’ve been neglecting your finances. Playing things too close, paycheck to paycheck, every month just above water. Some sort of adversity may show up. A huge car bill, a large bill to fix in the house, something very expensive shows up that you can’t afford.

This shines light on the neglect of getting ahead on your finances. Maybe you were putting off applying for that higher up position, maybe you were putting off getting a job, putting off starting a side hustle, putting off saving more and spending less on dumb things. It is said that mirror six drops adversity on us at the perfect time when we are ready to face it.

I know for myself and many influential people I follow who say “it all makes sense looking back, everything happens for a reason”. It’s crazy how our finest hours came right off the backbone of our darkest hours. I will be writing a full article on how powerful adversity is. But I know in my own life my two biggest wins came after losing everything.

“It’s only after we’ve lost everything we’re free to do anything”

Because these rock bottom moments, times of adversity we get snapped out of our trance. We start asking new questions. We are forced to stop giving up parts of ourselves to fuel inadequate ways of living and addictions. We stop selling ourselves short and procrastinating. Because procrastination is a luxury. When it’s do or die time, we are forced into action.

Part of the beauty of mirror six is it brings us back to ourselves. Losing ourselves and coming back to ourselves. For example neglect is giving up parts of ourselves as mentioned in mirror three.

Let’s say I get some success but then neglect my business, chasing girls, or chasing experiences. Going way out of balance and overdoing the chase of pleasure. Sacrificing my passions, and hobbies to fuel this need for pleasure and approval. This is ‘losing myself’ getting into a trance, the neglect compounds and boom. A rock bottom hits and we return back to ourselves, we come back down to earth and see reality for what it is. Snapping out of the trance that fuels inadequate ways of living.

Or with a gaining weight. We get locked in a compulsive trance using food to soothe emotions. We gain some much weight and boom a rock bottom moment of adversity is now reflected upon us. We were ‘losing ourselves’ in giving away our health to cope and soothe our way through the moments of each day. We snap out of this trance in adversity and come back to ourselves.

The beauty of understanding mirror six is being able to catch areas of your life you’re neglecting before they compound into painful rock bottoms and adversity. Reflect on your moments of adversity and see how they came forth often from neglect. Or they came into your life to put you on a new path when the path you were on was going to lead somewhere you’re not meant to go.

Mirror Seven – Self Perception

The final and most subtle of the mirrors. It’s how we see ourselves. Different from mirror one because mirror one is the vibe we express. But especially in today’s world people express inauthentic selves, use techniques they find online for social skills and dating. The seventh mirror is how you truly view yourself.

“Wherever you go there you are”

  • If a miserable loser buys a Bentley he is now a miserable loser sitting in a Bentley
  • If a miserable loser gets a girlfriend he is now a miserable loser with a girlfriend

The internal world reflects in the external world. A major concept of the seventh mirror is liberation and freedom to not wait for permission from others. Relative Wealth vs Divine Wealth this is a key that sets you free.

  • You don’t need a boss to give you permission to engage in money making activities
  • You don’t need a date to give you permission to let loose and love yourself
  • You don’t need another person to give you permission to feel cool, have fun, and feel worthy

Relative Wealth is always poor. Rich compared to something or someone. Cool compared to something or someone. Muscular compared to something or someone. When we drop this competitive me vs them framework. We enter Divine Wealth. Life on our own terms, a self perception of our creation. Proactive not reactive. Self proclaimed worth and value. Defining our own personalized standards of success and excellence.

“He who does not understand depends on reality, he who does understand reality depends on him”

I like to call this your frame. You lead life you don’t follow it. You don’t need validation from others to give your self permission to feel cool. We set up these barriers, blockages of self perception. Not allowing ourselves to feel happy and worthy until we get the car, until we get the lover, until we get the followers, until we get the house.

Mirror seven asks you are you ever going to feel happy, worthy, at peace? It reflects how no matter what you get or do they are supplements to your internal state they don’t make it.

“Success does not define the individual the individual defines success”

This is not some feel good technique either. It actually will reflect the results you want so much more effectively. It’s a counter-intuitive approach.

  • Feel loved to get with someone | NOT get with someone to feel loved
  • Feel worthy to begin getting clients | Not Get clients to feel worthy

You vibe will determine how people react to you. If you’re already feeling confident, worthy, full you naturally attract more. It’s a simple equation:

  • The less you need the more you have
  • The more you have the more you give
  • The more you give the more you receive

This is not to be interpreted for settling for less. It’s referring to the emotional state. Relative Wealth (external) vs Divine Wealth (internal). When you drop the NEED to get approvals externally and enter Divine Wealth where you give yourself permission to feel good now, take action now, live now. The neediness dissolves. You aren’t reaching and needing people. You have more to give. People feel this and will want to give back.

This is a self-perception based in reality and internal. Not based in artificial parameters defined by external forces.

Closing Thoughts

The seven mirrors allow us to ask questions through seven different lenses to extract insight into ourselves. Why we attract the people, things, and results we attract.

I hope you enjoyed my interpretation and notes from The Seven Essene Mirrors. Thank you for reading the very first post here on! Stay tuned for more articles coming out almost daily.

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