Victory – a holographic syntax


People believe dominance is what makes the warrior demonstrate courage, strength, and toughness

But it is actually submission that allows these to shine through him

Imagine a power source – let’s say it equals 100 units of power

Plugged into ONE thing that thing has access to 100 units of power

Plugged into five things, the power is divided

20, 20, 20, 20, 20

This is how man (through deception) becomes weak, dividing his power

He wants to accomplish something…..

  • …but he also doesn’t want to get criticized
  • also wants to not get rejected
  • also wants to not make a mistake
  • also wants to not look foolish
  • also wants to not waste time doing it wrong

He has now fucked up the entire equation up

It is like a car with all 4 tires pointing in opposite directions

He has given the subconscious a impossible equation to solve. He has divided his power by attempting to balance multiple conflicting concerns

Notice there is ONE desire and the rest are doubts

“Where attention goes energy flows”

Darkness is the absence of light, darkness can’t be deleted or defeated

We can only add light

Where we place our attention = the seeds we water

Man chokes when his intention & attention become divided

In a game that doesn’t matter, already up by a lot of points, the athlete has no difficulty scoring a free throw or penalty kick

But in a important moment he chokes


In the game that doesn’t matter 100% of his mind is thinking about scoring

In the game that holds more meaning and significance, he becomes divided

He wants to score

  • …but he also doesn’t want to miss
  • he doesn’t want to let down his team
  • he doesn’t want to let down his city
  • he doesn’t want to be criticized in the media
  • he doesn’t want to let down his coach
  • he doesn’t want to hit it way off target
  • he doesn’t want to choke

The intention & energy of NOT wanting to mess up was MORE than the intention & energy of scoring.

He expresses that dominant energy, and chokes

This happens all the time with men on dates

He’s goes on a date with a girl he’s not that into, and he is light, free, expressive

He is witty, smooth, confident, funny, being himself, and bold

But with a girl he badly wants, what happens?

He becomes DIVIDED in his intentions

Calculated, over-thinking, timid, less bold, not being himself, less expressive

…and it is that very behavior which causes him to choke, causing the date to be lackluster

So what is the way? What are we to do?

….the OPPOSITE of what you’d think to do, and what others would tell you

Confidence is not a cause, it’s a effect – it comes AFTER & FROM another place

We live in a HOLOGRAPHIC reality

  • Left brain controls the right side of the body
  • Right brain controls the left side of the body

When a hip flexor gets injured, it’s often weakness in the glutes and hamstrings

(the OPPOSITE side of the point of pain) the hip flexor injury is a EFFECT from a CAUSE


‘Influencers’ have created a trend, a concept of a “warrior mindset”

But they do not understand

Submission unlocks dominance

This is the formula


Fully accepting the possibility of defeat and the possibility of being hurt

Fully accepting the possibility of consequences in order to pursue victory

Just as the warrior fully accepts the possibility of death and being hurt for him to enter the fight

This is how you remove the division in your power

Then it will be unified, harmonious and synergistic

100% of focus, attention, intention, energy, and intelligence, all dedicated and allocated to what you want

The laundry list of things you don’t want gets let go, dropped, dissolved

100% of energy goes into illuminating and creating

Instead of worrying about dark

(which actually adds dark by diminishing the power & volume of light)

  • You FULLY accept all the consequences which could occur
  • You FULLY accept the possibility of defeat, rejection, being hurt

Then it is let go.

Instead of adding complexity to the equation, it is dissolved. It is now simple & clear

What remains is a simple equation for the mind to work with…

Creating what you want and expressing what you wish to see

Simple example – writer wants to publish a book. He drops all the fears & doubts

100% of intention & attention is focused on and allocated to what he wants

  • If he does not get sales, so be it
  • If he gets criticized so be it
  • If his peers find it cringe so be it
  • If he ends up looking foolish, so be it

It is accepted, if a negative outcome is reflected, so be it.

I know what I am signing up for, I accept the possibility of good & bad outcomes in pursuit of victory

The only way to remove the possibility of defeat, is to remove the possibility of victory – by not attempting

Go back to the date example, go back to the athlete choking example

You are at your best when doubt does not contest

Because 100% of your mental bandwidth is allocated to CREATING GOOD instead of AVOIDING BAD

Timidity does not decrease the possibility and pain of defeat, it only increases it

Fortune favors the bold

When you project doubt you will be reflected doubt

📜 “As you believe so shall be done on to you”


There is a lesser known ‘secret’ step which comes after effect


It is the third element in the equation. Absence of this understanding keeps man a prisoner locked in cause & effect

Without knowing this, the meaning gets automatically assigned by the effect – HE BECOMES THE EFFECT

We live in the 3rd dimension – length, width, height

Without the 3rd element man is trapped in 2 dimensional flat thinking – good & bad, right & wrong

It’s the 3rd element which adds DEPTH & SUBSTANCE, it’s what makes things 3D instead of 2D

But man trapped in 2D

He automatically becomes the EFFECT, it defines who he is, instead of him assigning the meaning

Mistakes are insights for the next take

But man is ignorant to the lesson and labels it “good or bad” therefore:

“I am good or bad”
“Worthy or not worthy”
“Good enough or not good enough”

It’s why 4 guys can get cut off in traffic. Exact same scenario, place, everything the same

One gets furious about it
Another is amused by how bad other drivers are
Another is indifferent to it, doesn’t even acknowledge it
Another is slightly annoyed by the inconvenience

…they all experienced the same cause & effect, so what gives?

The 3rd element – MEANING

The 3 part syntax/formula in this article is how man transcends cause & effect
Making it something he experiences not something he is defined by

He must remember who he is

He is not the hot or cold water he is the one controlling the faucet
He is not the flat tire he is the driver of the vehicle
He is not the thoughts and emotions he is the observer & orchestrator of them


If you get a flat tire, are you a bad person?

No, you are the driver

If you get into the shower and it’s a bit cold, are you a cold person?

No, you are the one controlling the faucet

As absurd as that sounds this is how man operates, he becomes identified with the outcome

If he experiences a rejection, failure, mistake he becomes the mistake, he identifies himself as being “not good enough” , “incapable & incompetent”


Man does not fear failure

Man fears the MEANING of it

The beginning and the end of the feedback loop are the same energy

At the end of the feedback loop he creates friction & negative emotion in the meaning he assigns.

He gets rejected, makes a mistake, does something foolish…he then attacks himself, he feels shame, guilt, regret

📜 “I am Alpha and Omega. I am the beginning and the end……which is, which was, and which will be” – Revelation 1:8

The beginning and the end of the feedback loop are the same.

Because there is FRICTION & NEGATIVE emotion at the END, he creates & feels FRICTION & NEGATIVE emotion at the BEGINNING

Because man attacks himself and gets angry with himself at the end of the feedback loop, when he makes a mistake
That is what creates friction at the BEGINNING

The fear felt at the beginning of the feedback loop when attempting to take action will hold the same energy as the end

Because the outcome defines him, each negative outcome causes a existential crisis

This is why he is indecisive, can’t commit, fears ‘failure’ and has a hard time taking action.

Because the REACTION has such a high probability of being painful, negative, a attack on himself by himself.


📜 “Forgive them lord for they do not know what they do” – Luke 23:34

📜 “Who is forgiven very little shows very little love” – Luke 7:47

You are not the flat tire, you are the driver

You are not the hot or cold water, you are the one controlling the faucet

If 50,000 men executed the EXACT same actions and EXACT same behaviors on the EXACT same opportunity, they would get the EXACT same results

Therefore it is not YOU who is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ is is your STRATEGY

Your actions, behaviors, and decision making process – all of these can change, they are strategy

You, the observer, the driver, you are the constant. The problem is not SELF it is STRATEGY utilized & chosen by SELF

📜 “Judge not according to appearances, but judge righteous judgement” – John 7:24

You are either moved by appearences or you are the mover of appearences

“When you don’t understand you depend on reality, when you do understand reality depends on you” – Bodhidharma

It is not YOU which is to be scrutinized, it is the strategy which is to be scrutinized

That is forgiveness, you are forgiven

To dissolve the friction at the BEGINNING, remove the danger at the END

The self attack, existential crisis, self-worth analysis

That is forgiven, the focus is on the strategy

The mistake is forgiven
It is merely insight for the next take

Exercising objective thinking to critique the strategy not the self

…then thinking becomes your ally, a team of advisors which serve instead of operating as enemies which attack you

📜 “Mans enemies will be of his own household” – Matthew 10:36

Every action has a EQUAL and opposing reaction

I cannot be defeated – I win or gain the equivalent in wisdom


The third element which ties in the trio is trust

Acceptance, Forgiveness, Trust

You must have trust in order for this syntax to be complete

But it must be a TRUE trust

The weakest form of confidence is “I have a answer for this situation”

The strongest form of confidence is “I have the ability to find/create the answer once exposed to the situation”

The weakest form is – external reliance, static, and past

The strongest form is – internal reliance, dynamic, and present

Trust that by letting go off the laundry list of doubts your subconscious will be free to best serve you at 100% of your power

Trust is NOT – “I am not going to get hurt”

No, trust is – “I know I will be fine if I do”

Trust doesn’t protect you it exposes you

It is exposure to challenges, adversity, and obstacles which reveal to us our weaknesses

but also act as the stimulus to develop and sharpen our strengths

Just as muscles in the gym get exposed to the stimulus of weights which strengthen you

But that will also exposes you to THE TRUTH

Your weaknesses

It reveals to you how much you can’t do

Man avoids the truth, doubt protects man

It protects his ego, it protects him from the self attack & negative emotions he inflicts on himself due to the MEANING he assigns to undesirable outcomes

YOU do not need protection
Your ego does
Your identity does

Man does not fear failure, he fears the MEANING of it

This is what he protects himself for

But it is a ILLUSION a DECEPTION, as we stated in the forgiveness step

Did your parents have every dollar in the bank required to raise you before birthing you?

No, they got what they needed along the way

We only store 11 seconds of ATP energy, more is not produced until a DEMAND is made for SUPPLY

You don’t get surplus oxygen & bloodflow until you start running

You have trust in this, do you not?

It’s a subtle trust, a subconscious trust.

Not a conscious hype high energy motivation fake trust

That would be noise, not trust. Noise to drown out doubt is not trust

But doubt is a deceiver. Because it is not useless, it sometimes helps us

It’s what gives us that gut feeling in a sketchy situation
It’s what makes us look before crossing

You can’t get rid of doubt. If you did the entire mechanism would be broken. Then you would lose trust

Trust & Doubt are the same power on different ends of the spectrum

Just like creative power can create problems or solutions
Just as the same sun which can tan is the same sun which can burn
Just as the same faucet produces both hot & cold

Power is a double edge sword – there is no division of 2 powers, it is a spectrum of one power

Doubt is clever because it will say “no no, don’t give up trust and faith. but let’s be reasonable. Let’s first get certainty, then we can trust and have faith”

Very clever

But this is impossible and imprisons you. Everything is uncertainty

When you have this 3rd element of trust you will be exposed not protected

You will get hurt, you will look foolish, you will make mistakes, you will get rejected, you will fail, you will be deceived


There is a night and day difference between HONORABLE & DISHONORABLE DEFEATS


Following the above formula. You dedicate 100% of your subconscious supercomputer to the one thing you want

Fully accepting the possibility of hurt and defeat, fully accepting all consequences good and bad
Allowing you to remove focus on what you don’t want

Fully embracing forgiveness – attacking the strategy not self worth
Making the mind your advisors not your attackers

This frees you to give your best and forget the rest

If you are defeated following this all in approach

That is a HONORABLE defeat

It means you gave it your best, you were not defeated due to playing it too safe

It means you have received valuable wisdom, the mistake which provides insight for the next take

Like in the gym you attempted a max, you exposed yourself to what you’ve never done, exposed yourself to truth, exposed yourself to grow

This means you were wounded in the arena not in the mind

This is a HONORABLE defeat, and it’s wounds develop you with wisdom for the war

You don’t attack yourself you attack the strategy – this is what makes the wound heal

Who attack himself takes a wound and becomes the wound, crippling himself, identifying himself with the outcome

What is a DISHONORABLE defeat?

When you reject yourself, instead of entering the battlefield to get rejected in reality. He rejected himself in imagination

It’s when a defeat or mistake is experienced, and he becomes jaded – dividing and weakening his power

Instead of the wounds being used as wisdom, he becomes the wound, it becomes part of his identity

He adds things to his list of doubts, dividing his power.

He now moves timidly he trusts less, he thinks less of himself

He becomes indecisive, it becomes harder for him to commit, he fears failure more than necessary

He wants to NOT lose more than he wants to win

“Make mistakes of ambition, not sloth. Develop the strength to do bold things, not the strength to endure suffering” – Niccolò Machiavelli

Do you see why dishonorable defeat is more dangerous than honorable defeat?

Like our dating example or athlete example.

His power becomes divided. Each defeat makes him weaker not stronger.

He becomes jaded, calculated, timid, doubtful

You would not be reading this article if I did not embody these principals

I would not even be able to write this article

I have fully accepted the possibilities of defeat and hurt, the consequences both good and bad.

  • Being seen as cringe by peers
  • Being criticized publicly
  • Being labeled in a box as ‘new age’ , ‘woo woo’ , ‘try hard’ , ‘crazy religion guy’
  • Wasting time & energy writing what nobody would read
  • Nobody caring about it

All has been accepted. It is forgiven, no matter the feedback & outcome, it defines strategy not self. Then the doubts are dropped & forgotten

100% mental bandwidth allocation going into the one thing I want to do, create & illustrate these concepts

I know I will look back on this in a year, seeing how I could have done it better

I expose myself to my weaknesses and it also acts as the resistance, the reps, required to refine my strengths

Call to Action & Call to Arms

This is not ‘good’ advice.

Do not blindly believe

Process it, reflect on it and take from it what you will.

This will not protect you, this will expose you

But in a way you become more bulletproof than ever before…

Converting enemies of self attack to ally advisors for self

Equipped with vastly more powerful ammunition – 100% mental & energetic bandwidth allocated to what you want, by dropping the focus off all that you don’t want

Going from divided power of below 20% to unified power of 100%

So go on,

That project, that idea, that business, that date, that thing you’ve been wanting to do

You will be surprised how much better your best is when it’s ACTUALLY your unified best, not your divided best

Go on, without the rope

These concepts have been symbolically communicated to us in films, mythology, and various stories we’ve seen

Let’s use the powerful iconic prison escape scene from The Dark Knight

Bruce is thrown deep into a dark prison, the only way out is to climb and make a jump across a split ledge

(symbolic of a leap of faith)

There is a rope he attaches to himself, but it is actually the rope holding him back from freedom and getting what he desires

The rope is symbolic of the laundry list of doubts we’ve outlined in this article, all the things we don’t want to happen, which hold us back and limit us

Dividing our intention, attempting to satisfy multiple conflicting intentions.

Dividing the power we have access to, making man weaker

The old man (symbolic of wisdom) in the cell next to him says: 

“the leap to freedom is not about strength”

“survival is a spirit”

“fear is why you fail”

Bruce keeps doing more push-ups, more sit-ups

Bruce pretty much says

“i’m not afraid just angry

(just as man believes being more angry and attacking himself harder gives him energy to push harder, man is mistaken but it feels true because he FEELS more energy pulsing through him emotionally when he is angry and attacking himself mentally)

As do most men do, because man does not know the way of opposing forces as we outlined earlier in this article

It is submission which will unlock his dominance

What you resist persists

Bruce fails with the rope, 

Then the old man says 

“make the climb, as the child did,

without the rope

“…then fear will find you again”

As we’ve stated in the article, these concepts will not protect you they will expose you

You will not remove fear, you’ll likely be more afraid than ever before

Being fearless is not the absence of fear, it’s when the fear is less powerful than your intention, made true in your demonstration of doing the thing you fear

“Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The child is symbolic of being child-like not childish

The child is superior to man in many ways

They are not jaded

They don’t add labels to falling, this is why you can walk today.

Each fall was just feedback for the subconscious to understand balance, after enough reps you figured out how to walk. 

If the child did not trust, if the child had doubt, if the child labeled the falls as bad and took them personally, if the child had rejected himself like man does….

Hardly anyone today would walk

📜 “Unless you become like children again you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” – Matthew 18:3

Bruce then packs supplies, the other man makes a sarcastic remark about how confident he must be

This is known as active demonstration (a topic for another article)

His belief is bulletproof, so much so he has packed supplies, making an active demonstration of how much he believes he is going to make the jump successfully

He walks up to the platform to begin the climb

MUCH louder than previous attempts, the dozens of prisoners are chanting and SCREAMING“rise”

…even the old man for the first time joins in the chanting, he too starts screaming

(symbolic of the deep wisdom in your subconscious activating, you unlock and gain access to it)

This to me, the prisoners screaming louder than ever before, is symbolic of your brain lighting up, firing and being highly stimulated like it’s never been lighten up before

Because 100% of the power is plugged into ONE intention, instead of being weak and divided on multiple conflicting intentions.

He makes it to the ledge,

…then a barrage of bats aggressively pop out of a hole, Bruce gets freaked out.

Symbolic of – doubt wont go down without putting up a last wave of resistance, to keep you in the comfort zone, while you still have a chance to turn back

He jumps…..

He makes it out, he escapes the prison, he is free

Illuminating bright light shines on him outside

He has escaped the prison of his own mind

Oh and….

Do you remember what caused him to end up in that prison?

He lost this fight against Bane

Where Bane said to him:

“Peace has cost you your strength, victory has defeated you”

Bruce had retired after the previous movie with the Joker

He had not done any training or seen action in years

So Bane (his opposition) crushes him, then throws him into the prison

Man typically waits for a problem before acting, requiring life to force him into action

Requiring a external catalyst, waiting for a problem AS A REQUIREMENT BEFORE working toward a solution, growth, training, becoming better

Waiting to have a major debt problem to then start taking action
Waiting to be very out of shape to then start getting in shape

In these scenarios man is weak, untrained and long out of action

When he goes to take action he is extremely weak in comparison to the opposition, the challenge, the task

So he gets CRUSHED

Taking a MASSIVE defeat, he then hits a rock bottom, his self-esteem becomes crippled (which then throws man into the prison of mind)

“Sweat more during peace, bleed less during war” – Sun Tzu

What’s Next?

Do your best and forget the rest

If it does not go well that is a honorable defeat
Only the battle is lost not the war
Within the wound is wisdom
Within the mistake is insight for the next take

The only true defeat is surrendering the war altogether

Quitting on yourself, giving up on even attempting

When man does this, the war is lost
The game of life is surrendered

He will become dead, totally defeated

He will then no longer even attempt anything
Surrendering before even considering
Rejecting himself before even considering

He will give up looking for victories all together
He will give up playing the game of life
He will be dead

….and there is no honor in going out like that.

The only way to remove the possibility of defeat is to remove the possibility of victory – by surrendering before attempting

Acceptance, Forgiveness, Trust
Unified Power not Divided Power
Honorable Defeats not Dishonorable Defeats
Feedback determines strategy not self worth

Fortune favors the bold

The rest is up to you

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