Smooth Sailing & Obvious Outcomes


Things aren’t difficult
People make things difficult

From a young age i’ve approached life with a very simple question

Should we just do the opposite?

I’d look around and see
90% of businesses fail
90% of dieters fail
90% of traders fail
90% of new years resolutions fail

I thought…could it be as simple as doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing

No quite, but not far from it

In this article we will uncover one of, if not THE most shocking thing i’ve discovered

Big Deal = Big Density

The more importance/significance/meaning placed on a goal, the lower the probability of achieving it will be

Seems counterintuitive?
Not really when you think about it,

The person who least needs a loan is the person who most easily gets a loan
The person who least needs more friends most easily makes more friends
The man who least needs a date, has dates throwing themselves at him

What is your goal?

How much would that goal change your life?

How much would that goal change your sense of self worth?

The wider the gap and the bigger the degree of change
The lower the probability is of achieving it

🔑 The emotional weight, meaning, and significance of the desire gets transferred and projected as weight to carry while doing the action

The perceived value becomes hyper inflated, therefore the unconscious perceives the price to pay as extremely high

Because of this people will FIND & SEEK ways to make things more difficult than they need to be in order to establish a energetic alignment between desire and task

📜 “Seek and you shall find”
📜 “As you believe so shall be done on to you”

We are wired to constantly prove and reinforce what we already believe

Heavier Significance = Heavier Expectations
Heavier Expectations = Heavier Baggage

The more man cares, the more man fears

The more man cares about successfully getting a outcome
The more he will also care about failing to get the outcome

He will try to do the work, but he won’t feel ready

He will try to go talk to her, but he won’t feel ready

This feeling is the ENERGETIC MISMATCH between the perceived value of the outcome and his CURRENT emotional state

Emotions come and go, tons of factors constantly alter the flow of emotions

This explains why people start & stop

They pump themselves up enough to energetically and emotionally match the perceived hyper inflated value of the desire

…but it’s not who they are by default
Like ‘doing’ or holding good posture you eventually fatigue and slide right back to your baseline posture

So there are 2 options:

  1. Elevate the emotional state to reach the elevation of the perceived value
  2. Lower the perceived value, significance, and importance

Could it be possible… do both?

If only one could be chosen the 2nd option is MUCH more bang for your buck, simpler, and faster

The goal is to do both – decrease resistance and increase power


We can use Ohm’s Law to illustrate this

Increasing – Energetic Flow = V (Voltage)
Decreasing – Inflated perceived value, limiting beliefs, and density associated = R (Resistance)

It is easier to remove the obstruction than it is to generate and add more power

Yet people’s common approach relies on increasing hype
…a stronger ‘why’, a ‘burning desire’, wanting it badder, pushing harder

They fail to realize that although that increases voltage it ALSO increases resistance

We want to DECREASE resistance and INCREASE voltage

The reason resistance increases is because the heavier expectation, importance, significance, and meaning ADDS more density to the desire which also artificially inflates it in relation to yourself

It adds density to the future projection
(this will become more clear in a moment)

The Law in Action

A mere 1 degree pivot in a ships rudder will deviate the trajectory by hundreds of miles from Point A to Point B

Causing it to land in a entirely different country

A small & subtle change held for a prolonged period yields profound results that will land you in a totally different reality

It is important to note this distinction
The energetic mismatch from hyper-inflated significance struggles massively believing it could be so simple

Simple & subtle pivots do not align with the hyper-inflated energy of:


Thus people seek out more complexity, more motivation, more unnecessary things UNCONSCIOUSLY in an attempt to satisfy the emotional mismatch

Occam’s Razer is a concept stating the simplest solution is often the best one

The more assumptions that exist the higher the probability you are incorrect and distorted in your interpretation

So often perceived difficulty is concluded from assumption and/or misinterpretation

In many cases people have not even attempted the thing they perceive to be difficult

In other cases when people do attempt, the experience gets misinterpreted

It is NOT because the thing was difficult
It is because the person made it difficult

We see this so often in fitness

People slice their food intake to practically eat nothing
The eat boring bland foods
They try to do TONS of exercise

NONE of that is required to get in great shape

The crazy thing is,
The strategy they choose is ALIGNED and CONGRUENT with the PERCEIVED difficulty and hyper inflated ‘price to pay’

They believe they must suffer
and so they SEEK, FIND, and IMPLEMENT a strategy to suffer

Even if they attempted to do research it would be futile
They would not acknowledge or believe a strategy which does not involve complexity, expensive supplements, crazy workouts, bland nasty diets

It’s a energetic mismatch to what they believe

I am not denying the benefits of achieving goals here
I am pointing out the unrealistic hyper inflated significance

If a cool person loses 20 pounds
He is still a cool person but 20 pounds lighter

If a loser buys a nice car
He is now a loser with a nice car

This is why significance should not be hyper-inflated

It is not things that make you great, it is YOU that makes things great

People hyper-inflate the significance of the outcome under the belief the OUTCOME will change them

When in reality it is going through the PROCESS that changes them
The outcome is the reflected reward of WHO you had to become

People also inflate the significance of the outcome because IT IS THE KEY TO THE PRISON WHICH THEY HAVE CREATED FOR THEMSELVES

“I’ll be happy when”
“I’ll go do that after I….”

I know i’ve experienced this

Making money was so difficult for me because I placed so much significance on it
I placed so much significance on it because ‘it would set me free’

I didn’t feel worthy of having fun if I didn’t have money
I didn’t feel worthy as a man if I didn’t have money

All of this was unconscious

It is that exact energy which was preventing me from making money

Unconsciously implemented as a way to trigger urgency, seriousness, intensity, etc

This part is very subtle so stick with me on this

Intensity is not to be removed, that is not what I mean.

My intensity was still very present in my workouts, in the process, in the execution
It was NOT in the overall contemplation and consideration of the desire

Getting in great shape was effortless for me because I placed no significance of it
I was bored, was already going to the gym and made the slight pivot of simply following someone’s plan on YouTube

That energy allowed me to implement a simple strategy, start right away, see the truth of how simple and easy it is

I was not wearing the blinders of artificially inflated significance, my judgement was not distorted and wrapped in dense assumptions/projections

That 1 degree of deviation gave me a night & day difference in 7 months

I didn’t believe getting in shape was going to ‘change my life’
I wasn’t in bad shape
I just thought it would be cool to strive for since i’m going to the gym anyway

With money, I believed it would change EVERYTHING

If it would change EVERYTHING that would mean I was NOTHING

You see what I mean?

See how far that separation is between what I wanted and who I believed I was?

If money would change some things, it would mean I am already something

That is a lighter, less dense energy
It means I am closer in perceived relation to the desired outcome

The Subtle energetic signature

If the high stimuli, high significance, hyper inflated BIG DEAL dense energy is not the ideal energy

What is the ideal energetic tuning?

Knowing for a fact the outcome is guaranteed

A smooth confident ‘knowing’
A subtle “it is done” feeling in the back of the mind

As guaranteed as picking up mail from your mailbox
Or picking up coffee from down the street

The moment you crave that coffee you never doubt your ability to get it
You simply get in the car and get it

It’s a subtle feeling, not a high energy hyped up feeling
You don’t pump yourself up to go grab your mail

It’s a subtle “it is done” feeling

When I was able to ‘let go’ and forget about the outcome


and it wasn’t a big deal, I didn’t think it would change everything for me

It was not about transformation it was about optimization

Transformation is ultimately a collection of optimizations
So many optimizations combining to where the initial state is hardly recognizable

What I didn’t mention earlier about the gym is…

I knew if I hit a 315 bench for reps
100lb weighted pull up for reps
185 barbell shoulder press for reps

There was ABSOLUTELY no way I would NOT have a great physique

So long as I was not fat and hit those numbers it was GUARANTEED

That’s it
Stupid simple

and I knew for A FACT the fitness plan I was using would lead to hitting those numbers

When people ‘think’ about their goals, visualize, daydream, etc

The way in which it is thought of is a affirmation of it’s absence
It’s often more so wishing & hoping it would happen

a form of reminding self of separation from the goal
a form of inflating importance & meaning of the goal

I’m not saying to never think about the outcome
But the way, the intention, and place people come from when thinking about their goals is often one of lack and yields a net negative of added resistance

I didn’t use any techniques or tricks to ‘let go’

I GENUINELY BELIEVED it was guaranteed
There was no need to think about it

Like picking up a coffee from down the street
Or picking up mail from the mailbox

It was not a wishful thinking hopeful belief

I knew for a FACT if I did ‘x’ thing ‘y’ times there was absolutely no way I would NOT make at the bare minimum $20k from that

I knew for a FACT if I did ‘x’ workouts and did ‘y’ nutrition plan as my new default routine there was no way I would NOT develop a great physique

When the outcome is guaranteed there is no need to think about it
You naturally stop thinking about it, worrying about it, fantasizing it

Do you heavily contemplate and think when you go to pick up a coffee?


You enjoy the drive, listen to some music, think about totally different things

Is that some trick or hack you use to ‘manifest’ coffee and trick yourself to take your mind off the desire?

No…very literally it is guaranteed you just go pick up the coffee. It would be abnormal and weird to overthink it

All the focus naturally then goes to what’s right in front of you
The process, just putting one foot in front of the other

I didn’t need to think about the outcome
It was BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that it would happen

I just needed to walk on over to the mailbox and pick it up

I don’t think i’ve ever directly achieved anything

My best achievements all came indirectly
By becoming the person who it is BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that result would be in his life

All I had to do was go pick it up

The Invisible (e)conomy

A common misinterpretation which could be drawn from this is to stop caring

Becoming emotionally flaccid is not the answer

We are NOT changing the equation
We are moving the elements around

Shifting care and allocating it to the process instead of fantasizing/worrying about the prizes

How often do we see well intentioned care turn into overprotective worry?
We see it in relationships, with parents, with projects

But if they removed care then the outcome would be equally as negative

Care remains in the equation, it is allocated where it belongs
In the process, the details, the work, the craft, the actions

Not in the assumptions, speculations, and contemplations

“Where attention goes energy flows”

Imagine a wave of energy projecting out from where you place your attention

🔑 When you place attention on the FUTURE dream
You are pushing that dream FURTHER AWAY from you

🔑 When you place attention on the PRESENT PROCESS
You are PUSHING yourself UP toward the dream

You are either MOVING Yourself or You are MOVING the dream

This is a concept i’ve been working through in reverse engineering my own experiences for a few years now

There is a invisible economy
The energetic economy

Notice how we use financial terms when discussing time and energy

“Spend time”
“Pay Attention”
“You’ll pay for that”
“I can’t afford to lose him”
“He’s a liability to the company”
“He’s an asset to the company”

When you spend time, pay attention, and invest energy in to the FUTURE PROJECTION
You are making energetic deposits in it’s perceived value

Projecting it further away
Inflating the price to pay

This causes people to BELIEVE something is more difficult, complex or ‘expensive’ than it actually is
Which causes people to SEEK and FIND harder, more complex, more difficult ways to ‘pay the price’

Your subconscious believes it’s a big deal
So you will only acknowledge and perceive paths which are dense, complex, difficult, and a big deal

That spending of time and paying of attention into the future projection also means YOU are not receiving those deposits of your own energy in the PRESENT

This can lead to energetic bankruptcy

If you wanted to ‘lose’ your biceps, what would you do?

You’d simply stop working them out
Neglect them

Projecting energy and giving attention to what is not in your control spends it with no ROI

We can’t control outcomes
We can only influence them

In a reality of infinite possibilities we can only increase our probabilities

Influencing the outcome is increasing the probabilities
Increasing the probabilities is only possible when energy gets directed into one of 3 buckets

  1. Increasing number of shots taken (your total number of opportunities attempted)
  2. Increasing conversion percentage of shots taken (your ability/skill level to capitalize on opportunity)
  3. Increasing number of shot opportunities by improving positioning (your ability to get in positions & create opportunity)

These are things in your control

These are things which influence the outcome
The outcome can’t be controlled only influenced

When you spent time, pay attention, and invest energy in the PRESENT PROCESS

That energy adds deposits into your energetic bank account
Both perceived self worth and actual competence/capability

The less you need the more you have
The more you have the more you give
The more you give the more you receive

The etymology of the word “esteem” means ‘appraisal’
Yet another financial term

Similar to a auction, a car or item gets appraised

Self-Esteem is YOUR appraisal of what you believe you are worth, what you believe you can do

Based on both perception & actual evidence observed from reality

Your beliefs ultimately compile together into a network & framework of your self-esteem/self-worth

Also called your “frame”

People with a weak frame are easily moved off center
People with a strong frame are more grounded in who they are

People with a weak frame seek to make the right decision
People with a strong frame make the decision right

People pay different prices for the same outcomes

93% of communication is non-verbal
This includes communication with yourself

Actions speak louder than words

If you want to know what you truly believe
If you want to know what you are truly believe you are worth

Look to what you have done
Look to what you do

Your behaviors reveal what you believe
Not your thoughts

We don’t get what we want
We don’t get what we deserve
We get what we BELIEVE we deserve

What you do determines who you are
Who you are determines what you do

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