Equilibrium & XP


What you are great at almost always develops to compensate for what you are terrible at

We are all born with primary & secondary cognitive functions

These heavily influence what you gravitate towards and become good at

It is your operating system for processing reality which comes naturally to you

We tend to gravitate toward what we are good at, and avoid what we are bad at

This then causes lopsided development and disharmony

Our strengths develop to great heights
Our weaknesses atrophy and become more of a limiter as the gap widens

I’ll share some personal examples to clearly illustrate the point

My strengths in soccer were always speed, power, and shooting

Those attributes/strengths developed to a very high level over the years

But this development was due to ignorance and resorting to my default cognitive functions

When i’d play poorly or just proactively choose to get better

I’d always work on speed, power, and shooting

Unknown to me then, this was overcompensating for the opposite attributes lacking

I was developing the emotion/body side of the equation, but neglecting the logic

My positioning, strategy, and understanding of the game was nearly non existent

Strength, speed, and shooting developed to elite levels to overcompensate for this

The inverse is true for the opposite player profile

Who develops their positioning, strategies, and understanding of the game and becomes elite at that

Overcompensates in that area to make up for lack of speed, power, and skill

Putting numbers to this, let’s say shooting was 84/100 and speed was 88/100

…but the opposite, which was positioning and strategy was 24/100

If I developed my positioning and strategy to go from 24/100 to 50/100

That would show up as a night and day difference in the results I produce

If I go from 84 to 87 shooting
Almost no measurable difference will be seen….maybe a chance at 1 extra goal over the entire season

Let’s view this through the lens of creative work

I’d resort to my cognitive strengths

Investing everything into bettering my content, ideas, concepts

Let’s say that was 83/100

But my articulation was 25/100

….and my distribution was 12/100

If I go from 82 to 85 content, it’s not much of a difference in overall performance

The content will be 3.66% better

However if I increase articulation to 50/100

That’s a DOUBLING of the effectiveness of the content

and if I increase distribution from 12/100 to 62/100

That’s a SIX TIMES increase

Leading to a night & day difference in outcomes

It’s the difference between making a incredible full-time income and making nothing from sharing content

Now let’s look at a broad sense of this and how it plays out

Talented people underestimate their ability & value
Untalented people overestimate their ability & value

The talented gradually cultivate their skills over their lifetime, it’s playing to their primary cognitive functions

It FEELS effortless, it feels normal
They don’t feel like they ‘paid a price’ to get it. They don’t have a intense contrast of sacrifice made and energy exerted

The untalented quickly obtains the minimum viable level of skill

This provides a high contrast and they can FEEL the price to pay

Giving them the perception of value from this contrast and energy exertion

Making content or products they FEEL and exert a lot of effort to do it

They ‘pay a price’ and FEEL that

This is why the untalented so easily can charge for their work & put themselves out there – they overestimate themselves for this reason

This is why the talented so easily under charge or never charge and never put themselves out there – they underestimate themselves

BOTH require integration of the opposite to get the best results and serve others at the highest level

The talented will need to understand their value
Develop distribution systems and put their stuff out there

The untalented will need to understand their value
Invest back into their development and skills to be better with what they put out there

I could give endless examples of how this plays out, and how i’ve seen it

In dating i’d keep doubling down on my strengths and did not acknowledge my weaknesses

I’d keep doubling down on charisma and looks but was missing the opposite side of the equation

…and it was that which resulted in attracting but not retaining

Meanwhile the INVERSE is someone who was great at retaining but had no attraction, essentially the ‘friend zone’

Knowing these inverses also shows it’s not really a matter of superior & inferior

Pretty much everyone’s strengths are the overcompensation for their weaknesses

The highest levels of development is integration of both

📜 “When the two become one, you will say to the mountain move and it will move” – Jesus, Gospel of Thomas

It is not that our strengths are inadequate, rather it is our weaknesses which prevent us from realizing results

Remember earlier with the numbers,

We demonstrated how integrating the weaknesses (articulation & distribution) was the night and day difference that changed everything

This is another misconception we unconsciously make in our interpretation of reality

When not getting results you have nothing
Leading you to feel like you need EVERYTHING

In reality you are only missing SOMETHING

When your car won’t start does that mean everything about the car is broken?

No, it’s SOMETHING that is broken, not everything

To go from level 12 to 40 is FAST & SIMPLE

It’s pretty much adding that ‘something’ you are missing

Levels 80+ are when things get complex & advanced
Everything before level 80 is DIRECT & SIMPLE

Who does not workout, and starts working out changes something

But that something changes everything

Going from 0 to 1 is a 100% change in outcome

From no results to some results
From no exercise to some exercise

When we are at nothing it can FEEL like we need everything
In reality by doing something instead of NOTHING that is what changes EVERYTHING

Doing SOMETHING for distribution strategy instead of nothing yields a 100% change in outcome
EVERYTHING is not needed to change everything

Diminishing Returns on XP

In the gym your first year lifting, practically every week your lifts go up

Year 5 however, even a 5-10 pound increase over an entire year is considered good

Year 1 – my bench went from 225-315
Year 2 – from 315-335
Year 3 – from 335-345

Just like the shooting example from earlier

Going from 82 to 85 shooting will likely take 1-2 YEARS

However going from 24 to 50 positioning will only take a few WEEKS

This is why integration of the weakness provides a quantum leap in outcomes

The XP table from RuneScape reveals this (other video games also follow the same XP model)

XP stands for “experience points”,
When you do an activity you get ‘experience’ giving ‘experience points’ which level up the skill

The better you get, the more difficult it becomes to get better in a particular skill

Just like going from 225-300 on bench can happen in a year
But 315-335 takes another year
Then 335-345 takes another year

You can get to level 70 in a few weeks/months

Level 1-70 = 737,627 total experience points gained in that skill

Level 76 = 1,336,443 total experience points gained in that skill


To go from Level 1 to 70 takes as long as going from 70 to 76

Let’s say getting writing to 82/100 took 5 years
Getting to 85 will take 2 YEARS

The difference between 82 and 85 writing is not noticeable

To go from 12 to 48 distribution will take 4-12 WEEKS

and that will show a MASSIVE difference in results

If writing income was $2000/month it would go to $8000/month

FOUR TIMES BETTER results in 4-12 weeks
3.66% better results in 2 YEARS

(We are using simple math to illustrate the point, taking into consideration compounding it could potentially be even more)

This is NOT saying to stop developing your strengths, but to be aware of the overcompensation and neglect of the opposite

Wrestling with the opposite polarity that acts like a rubber band holding one back

Making the biggest obstacle yourself instead of the objective

📜 “When the two become one, you will say to the mountain move and it will move”

One does NOT need to mean exactly at the same skill level

It does need to be a 1:1 ratio to see a quantum leap in results
Level 90 and Level 90

Rather becoming ONE in direction they point to, on the same page, instead of divided and weakening each other

Going from negative hindrance -> to neutral -> complementary strength

Distribution of content can go to 60/100 and it will then be complimenting instead of hindering 82/100 writing/content creation

Complimentary vs Compensatory

This exists universally, a large part of the reason people require stimulants is to COMPENSATE and power through a poorly designed system

The system is inefficient and ineffective
The disharmony of the system design requires abnormal force to achieve miniscule results

Thus people gravitate towards supplements to help overpower and compensate for this


We all start at different points around the perimeter and are moving toward the bullseye

One needs to slow down, the other needs to speed up
One needs retention, the other needs attraction
One needs to lose weight, the other needs to gain weight

BOTH the overweight person & underweight person experience similar symptoms of joint point and organ issues as a result of the disharmony

They need opposites, one needs to gain weight, the other needs to lose weight
They also need some similarities – exercise, eating better foods, hydration, etc

The further from the bullseye, the worse our satisfaction and results
The closer to the bullseye the better our satisfaction and results

If you’ve spent 5 years getting to 82/100 in your strength
We can view that as going along either the X or Y axis

However this is lopsided on the Y axis
The opposite weakness has been neglected and is 12/100

Like the XP table above 12-48 would take a few weeks
82-84 would take 1.25 years

These concepts will be further expanded on in upcoming articles, particularly the bullseye

The main focus here in bringing attention to the quantum leap effect of simply switching a weakness from negatively impacting you to being a complementary strength

This has a MASSIVE effect

Not only does this decrease resistance
It also increases flow of your power

When you remove the resistance of the weakness you also remove the wasted energy your strength was compensating for

They are intertwined in their effects on each other

There reaches a point where people in their journey are forced to ‘face the music’ when the gap between your strength and weakness is too strong you’ll notice a devastating pattern

Understand this compensatory law and opposites law, and you will see it everywhere

What is most rare and truly special are the ones who are BOTH

Typically you’ll see opposites

His marketing is incredible, his distribution systems are incredible

But it’s (unconsciously) because he had to compensate on the surface level for lacking substance of product

The package was mediocre so the packaging had to overcompensate
He likely gravitated toward his cognitive strength of logical systems, distribution, etc

It was not malicious intent which did this

Assume ignorance before malevolence

That we can call the more logical type, gravitating toward strategy, systems, distribution, analytics, packaging

The inverse is the more creative type

Their package is great, but their packaging is ineffective
Their distribution has no logic to it, their systems are non existent

Thus gravitating toward and doubling down on the strength of making the product/the substance to overcompensate

BOTH require development of their opposite for a quantum leap in their results AND TO TRULY SERVE OTHERS BETTER

The one with a great package but poor packaging needs the opposite so people actually see his work and benefit from it
The one with great packaging but a poor package needs the opposite so people actually benefit to a more impactful degree from his works

It is these conflicts, distortions, and lack of equilibrium which cause most frustrations in oneself and other selves

Your ‘weakness’ does not need to be as excellent as your strengths to start seeing massive differences in your outcomes

It simply needs to develop from a negative hindrance to a complimentary strength

wait wait wait….

Like a muscle it was the tension from overcompensating for our weakness that developed our strengths to such a high level

Does that mean integrating our opposite/weaknesses would remove the tension and stop the growth?

This my friends is the great transition we make in our development

When you PROACTIVELY CHOOSE to keep growing, you choose your catalysts – the challenges you select to continue growing

Before this it was a matter of being self-challenged and wrestling with ones own weakness that forced the tension to grow REACTIVELY

You need not worry, the game is designed in such a way you WILL keep growing

….by your own will or not by your own will

If you choose to stop growing once you start seeing results, gradually like muscle attributes will atrophy

“use it or lose it”

Results will slip and some sort of negative catalyst will again appear REACTIVELY as a result of the disharmonious tension of the gap in polarities

If you choose to PROACTIVELY create your own catalyst and challenges then you will keep growing by YOUR OWN WILL

Either way you will grow

Either being self-challenged or self-challenged


Self-Challenged meaning you pick your challenges for yourself or they will come to you
Self-Challenged also meaning your challenge is yourself

So no, equilibrium does not stop growth

What stops growth is when the self stops growth, doing better only when a catalyst of something negative forces it

When you choose your challenges then you go on your own terms, if not challenges come to you

Struggle being your best
Struggle being your worst

Tension, growth, and evolution will always be there

It is not that are strengths are inadequate, rather our weaknesses obstruct our realization of results

📜 “When the two become one, you will say to the mountain move and it will move”

There are probably 10 articles which can stem from these concepts

I wanted to get them out there in a clear and simple way to start

The nuances within the various aspects of the what we can call ‘Bullseye XP’ perspectives will be coming soon

Thank you for reading
– Yous

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