The problem with Twitter is it’s very entry level and surface level

There’s a necessity for a private group to really hit on the big levers and cutting edge stuff

Not another ‘community’ which essentially is some dudes email list jammed into a Discord

At this exact moment in time there is a unique and massive window of opportunity

Economies are shifting, wealth is changing hands

Algorithms have exploded and it’s easier than ever to catapult to higher levels

The matrix of this group is for those who are playing the game and making moves

The most valuable asset class is currently media and audience.

Have you noticed the trends shift?

Guys who were already millionaires at the top of their field in various industries have shifted their focus. Their attention has now gone primarily into building their audience and personal brand.

…and it’s why the wealthiest brands in the world are paying people who have an audience to rent out that attention.

For the last 7 years I’ve had an audience online

I’ve made many mistakes along the way and learned the game through trial and error.

Inside our group you get to work with me personally and you get access to proprietary training develop for the group.

You don’t have to go on the journey alone. That was a big factor in creating this group.

Having guys on the same path active in the community daily, friendships being made, all while leveling up our game.

As much as I would love to hammer on the value of the intangibles, i’m sure you’re wondering – what about the tangible results?

We’ve got plenty of those, happening constantly through the week.

This group is structured in a VERY particular way at a particular price point. Personalization is key to me.

This is not some cookie cutter method that everyone gets plugged into.
This is personalized, taking my years of experience and helping you craft the perfect angle and positioning for your brand, monetization, and content strategy.

Immediately upon joining you get access to the exact playbooks and trainings used to produce the results above:

As much as I can go on about the tangible benefits that produce immediate ROI.
What I love about this community is the vibe, connection, and having a place to go to so you don’t have to play the game alone.

You don’t need some crazy $5k+ ‘coaching’ program which is essentially just a guided course.

It’s $249 to join us on the inside.

See you inside 🥂

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