Mastering Zero

01010111 01100101 01101100 01100011 01101111 01101101 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01100001 01110010 01110100 01101001 01100011 01101100 01100101

The sequence above says:

“Welcome to the article”

Written in binary code.

Everything on your screen now is 1’s and 0’s

1 and 0 simply represents ON or OFF for the semiconductor

All music, software, documents, and any information processed by a computer is stored in binary

Translator programs convert written code, music files, videos, websites, etc into machine code which is binary

That is the ordinary system for information processing and computing

….but there is a EXTRAordinary system


Binary is One OR Zero
Quantum is simultaneously One AND Zero

It seems like a subtle difference

But it is this difference that makes quantum processing 100 MILLION times faster & superior vs classical processing

That subtle shift, from OR to AND

Is how man’s subconscious supercomputer goes from binary to quantum

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‘Yous’ from Youssef
Which translates to “god increases”

You = YOU (the reader)

“Yous” simultaneously refers to Me AND You
Simultaneously 1 AND 0

The ‘s’ is symbolic
To illustrate the difference between binary and quantum
Represented by using squared function

The same electricity that executes a man in prison
Is the same electricity that revives a man in the hospital

The same piano which plays sad songs
Is the same piano which plays happy songs

The same creative energy that creates problems
Is the same creative energy that creates solutions

The same darkness which can cover positive thoughts in shade to wither
Is the same darkness which can cover negative thoughts in shade to wither

The same faucet that produces hot, produces cold

There is only ONE power

All power is a double edge sword

Man (through deception) has been trained to believe in two powers

This divides his power, it makes him BINARY

He is either 1 OR 0

He is either good or bad
Right or wrong
Worthy or not worthy

If you get in the shower, and it’s a bit cold

Are you a cold person?

No, you are the one controlling the faucet

Man is not the piano he is the pianist
Man is not the song he is the singer
Man is not the water he is the one controlling the faucet

Remember earlier we said,

1 or 0 gets sent to the SEMICONDUCTOR to process the information

Man is the CONDUCTOR

But man is trained to forget he’s THE conductor

Man then becomes conducted
Instead of being the conductor

What is confusion?
Con-fusion = not fused, a divided power circuit


When man is not the conductor
He is being conducted

Man is never told the ‘secret’ 3rd element which comes after effect in cause & effect


Because he does not know,

The meaning AUTOMATICALLY gets concluded for him
It becomes whatever the effect is

If he fails, he believes he is a failure

He is trapped in BINARY

We live in the 3rd dimension

We have height, length, and width

It is the 3rd element of WIDTH which adds SUBSTANCE & DEPTH

Without it, everything is surface level

Black & white
This or that
Right or wrong

Binary is 2 dimensional processing

2D processing on a 3D earth is a uncomfortable experience

We are born unified and 3D, then we become divided and 2D, then we unify again into 3D

The 3 Cycles

The most arrogant sales person is the one slightly above average

The most confused people are the ones with slightly above average IQ

There is a universal truth held in these IQ memes

About the 3 cycles of all ventures, and life itself


QUANTUM processing
Unified Power

…but it is out of ignorance
Conscious reason & discernment don’t start until age 7-12

The child is only unified (conscious/subconscious) because conscious has not developed yet

The child is not yet aware of choice, free will, complexity, ‘right and wrong’


Divided Power

Conscious develops, the innocent become aware of complexity
Now aware of choice & free will

He becomes aware of his faults

He becomes aware of “good” and “bad”
He now has choices to make which lead to good or bad outcomes

He now is now able to do right or wrong things

In division, reality is processed in a BINARY 2D system
2D division tries to advance by KNOWING & DOING


In this phase people try to navigate complexity by REMEMBERING & REGURGITATING

Attempting to KNOW & memorize accurate actions, when to DO 1 or when to DO 0
When to do this, or when to do that

It’s WHAT to think not HOW to think


He returns to quantum processing
….but this time it’s not out of ignorance

It’s with the conscious
It’s with the awareness of complexity, choice, and free will

It’s intelligent integration and unification of both faculties
Both conscious AND subconscious
Both Zero AND One


In division man works by KNOWING
In reunion man works through UNDERSTANDING

In 2D division man relies on past ability
In 3D reunion man relies on present adaptability

2D Binary division processes reality as 1 OR 0 | Knowing WHAT to think
3D Quantum reunion process as 1 AND 0 simultaneously | Understanding HOW to think

2D Division only has confidence when he knows what to think & do
“I have a answer for this situation”

3D Reunion has confidence because he understands how to think & be
“I have the ability to find/create a answer once exposed to the situation”

📜 “I assure you, unless you become like children again you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” – Matthew 18:3

LIKE children is the keyword

Not ‘become’ children
But to become familiar again & reunited with quantum processing

📜 “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” – Romans 12:2

Knowing vs Understanding

Knowing is to know 14 is the answer
Understanding is to know the answer and understand WHY

Night & Day difference

Who knows, only knows answers to CERTAIN equations memorized in that field | BINARY
Who understands, can solve MULTIPLE equations in that field | QUANTUM

We can also use the Dunning Kruger Effect as reference to illustrate the 3 Cycles

Let us zoom in with a really practical example – Salesmen & Athletes

2D Division is in the middle – trying to MEMORIZE and KNOW

Let’s pop the hood and see what’s going on in his brain:

if (hears uncertainty objection) {
  run uncertainty objection sequence
} else {
  wait to hear it

The processing is 2D
If this then that

This clogs mental bandwidth and requires conscious competence

Using conscious competence requires A LOT more mental bandwidth

Because it is not yet UNDERSTOOD
It’s not yet automatic unconscious habit
It’s not his way of BEING, UNCONSCIOUSLY, it’s something he is DOING CONSCIOUSLY

When using conscious competence it uses up a LOT more memory, attention, and processing power

Which means LESS power is allocated to LISTENING

Adapting in real-time (simultaneously 1 AND 0)

That is the difference between LISTENING and HEARING
That is the difference between TALKING and COMMUNICATING
That is the difference between KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING

That is the difference between QUANTUM and BINARY

It seems so subtle, but the difference is MASSIVE

It’s what separates the processional athlete from the amateur

Both know how to do what is needed

The professional UNDERSTANDS why, when, and how to do what he knows

The pro has that knowledge at a unconscious competence level
It’s automatic, his way of BEING
Not something he is DOING

The amateur has it at a conscious competence level

The amateur has less mental bandwidth available to focus on the present moment to process and adapt to the game in real-time
The amateur has less understanding of the game, especially on a unconscious level

Now let’s zoom back out

These 3 phases apply on all ventures

Say Jack wants to start a marketing agency

Phase One (Ignorance & Simplicity | Quantum)
Jack doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. He sees the opportunity and is attracted to it. He begins to take action, he’s confident

Phase Two (Ignorant Intelligence & Complexity | Binary)
Jack discovers how difficult it actually is, how much he doesn’t know
His confidence goes down

He struggles trying to KNOW all the equations involved in a marketing agency
Instead of UNDERSTANDING how to solve the equations

His faults are revealed and exposed – both in himself and his strategy

Challenges expose us to the truth of our weaknesses AND they also act as the stimulus to grow our strengths

Phase Three (Intelligence & Simplicity | Quantum)
He learns how to think and process to find/create answers

Has understanding as unconscious competence
Has the adaptability to learn from the situation, instead of before it

He can make the complex simple

His power is unified instead of divided
Conscious & Subconscious

His processing is 3D not 2D

Let’s now take a look at buthurt bob

The same 3 phases apply

Phase One (Ignorance & Simplicity)
Bob has no dating experience, bob is unaware of rejection and heartbreak

Bob gets rejected over and over again

The few girls that give him a chance end up changing their mind after a few dates

He becomes aware of rejection and heartbreak

His innocence is corrupted
He slides into the second phase

Phase Two (Ignorant Intelligence & Complexity)
Bob is now aware of negative outcomes, rejection and heartbreak

But his thinking is now binary
Women are now his opposition he must ‘beat’ and ‘outsmart’

He goes on the internet, he studies, he seeks to KNOW strategies

It starts kind of working
He’s getting some results

He’s getting some occasional hook-ups

His strategies work in specific situations

This is where many men get stuck
They’re getting some results, so they stop understanding & growing

They rely on wack tactics and corrupted ideologies which get mediocre results

Like the slightly above average arrogant sales guy he makes $100k
Most sales people make half of that

So he thinks he has everything figured out

He keeps replicating what he KNOWS
Instead of continuing down the path out of the waters of complexity

But when he does continue the journey

He no longer relies on replication & knowing
He becomes capable of navigation & understanding

Phase Three (Intelligence & Simplicity)
Bob makes it to the next level of the journey

He is now operating at quantum processing

Unconscious competence
It’s his way of being

He is able to THINK instead of relying on WHAT to think

He goes from the weakest form of confidence
“I have a answer for this situation”

To the strongest form of confidence
“I have the ability to find/create a answer once exposed to the situation”

The 3 Phases – Birds Eye View

Being (without conscious) > Doing (with conscious) > Being (conscious & subconscious)

1 – No Resources – can’t get results | Unsuccessful
2 – Resources – can get specific result in specific situation | Replicating | Succeeded
3 – Resourcefulness – can get multiple results in multiple situations | Navigating | Successful

1 – Quantum Processing (before choice is introduced, unified due to no conscious awareness of complexity & choices)
2 – Binary Processing (complexity & choices become known, divided power)
3 – Quantum Processing (complexity & choices are understood, unification of conscious & subconscious)

1 – Ignorant Confidence (unaware of his faults & complexity)
2 – Intelligent/Ignorant Doubt (becomes aware of faults & complexity, confidence drops)
3 – Intelligent Confidence (learns to navigate complexity, works on faults he controls, accepts ones he can’t, confidence returns to peak)

Ignorance – a Necessary Tool for Genius

As stated earlier,

There is only ONE power

Trust & Doubt are the same power
Expressed at different ends of the spectrum

We need doubt, just not at a high volume
But a 3/10

Without it man would become arrogant
He’d think he knows everything

He’d become reckless
Never looking before turning his car or crossing the road

Ignorance is the INTUITIVE power which INITIATES the journey

Without ignorance we would never start

Walking on Water

Jesus and the disciples needed to get out of town, pressure was building against them from the locals

**(symbolic of life throwing something at us which forces us to ‘leave’ how we’ve been doing things and venture into doing something we’ve never done before, setting sail into the waters of complexity, the waters of what we’ve not yet been exposed to, voyaging on a path we’ve never been on and have little to no KNOWLEDGE of)

The disciples get on the boat, but Jesus does not go with them
Jesus tells the disciples he will meet them on the other side
The disciples set sail

Jesus was not with them
Jesus went to a mountain top and watched over them sailing

**(the same subconscious signal/intuition/motivation that gets us to set sail can FEEL like it’s left us after some time passes on the journey. But the subconscious is always listening, it’s always seeing and processing, it’s always working on solving from a higher level view and awareness)

It began to rain on the disciples, storm clouds started to appear

The disciples were now a considerable distance away from land

**(as we move forward into the new voyage, we enter deeper into the waters of complexity. what we don’t know becomes known, clouds begin to form, removing the light & darkening our confidence/faith, feelings arise and we begin to question – “should I should quit?”)

**(this is the hardest & darkest part of the journey, you’re not doing what you’re adapted to AND you’re not yet adapted to the new thing. The old way is discarded but the new way still hasn’t been assembled. You are out in the open ocean of complexity)

The storm begins to intensity
The rain starts pouring down
The winds intensify and the boat begins to sway

The disciples become frightened

Jesus then appeared
He was walking on water

**(the subconscious intention/intuition which got you started reappears, the answers your subconscious has been processing start to appear now that you’ve had enough exposure, experience, and data for it to process)

**(he was walking on water. He was above BINARY (sink/swim). He was QUANTUM & UNIFIED. He was not divided in conscious/subconscious, they were unified as ONE. It was the adaptability to navigate/think to be ABOVE the waters of complexity, instead of sinking in them)

The disciples were freaked out
Jesus immediately said

“Take courage. It is I. Don’t be afraid”

**(one aspect of navigating/thinking – is the ability to DISCERN/FILTER what is impulse and what is intuition. When is it subconscious intuition vs when is it reptilian human impulse)

Jesus says to Peter: “come”

**(notice it’s a smooth calm “come” – INTUITION rarely screams & yanks, it whispers, it compels, it makes you curious, it invites softly. Whereas IMPULSE yanks, screams, it’s higher stimulation)

Peter gets off the boat
He begins to walk on water toward Jesus
Peter is walking on water

A massive gust of wind blows & shocks Peter
Peter becomes afraid

Peter then begins to sink into the water
“Lord save me!” cried Peter

Jesus immediately reached out to grab his hand
and Jesus saved him

Jesus said:
📜 “You of little faith, why do you doubt?”

(the massive gust of wind is the first major obstacle/challenge on the journey. We are doing something new, a mix of conscious incompetence and unconscious Incompetetence. In this ‘valley of despair” stage we haven’t yet had enough exposure for the subconscious to adapt, for the seeds we planted to bear fruit)

(Jesus on the mountain = the subconscious processing, watching, observing)

(in this stage we are easily frightened, most vulnerable to quitting/sinking. Doubt has it’s strongest case and most power at this point. We easily become divided into binary, splitting the unification of conscious/subconscious and sinking back to binary conscious only reactivity)

🚂 The Father and The Toy

The son gave his father a broken toy to fix

The father begins fixing the toy

The son starts getting impatient
The son starts to doubt his father

The son snatches the toy away
Some time passes
The son hands his father another toy

…and the cycle repeats

SON = Conscious
FATHER = Subconscious
TOY = Task/Problem to Solve

📜 “I and my Father are one, but my Father he is greater than I” – John 10:30

The conscious processes 40 bits of information per second
The subconscious processes 40 million bits of information per second

📜 “I of myself can do nothing, the Father within me He doeth the works” – John 5:30

Doubt is a TOOL and a WEAPON

The knife that can create harm to self and others
Is the same knife that can also carve furniture and cook wonderful meals

Doubt can be used as a tool
Objective thinking to find faults and carve into STRATEGY

…or it can find faults and carve into SELF

Doubt is not something to get rid of, it’s a tool which is to be INTEGRATED into the toolbox

This is the importance of being on a journey
Having some sort of purpose
Doing something instead of nothing

When we are occupied navigating the waters
Mental bandwidth is directed to solving outward problems

The subconscious is CONSTANTLY trying to solve problems
It’s processing 40 million bits of information per second

When there is no problem to solve
It will find and create a problem

The power will turn inward
Instead of finding flaws & carving into the strategies, to attack the challenge

It will find flaws & carve into self, it will attack self, he becomes challenged

Problem does not need to be viewed as ‘bad’ ‘suffering’ etc

The other definition of problem is neutral
It’s ‘problem’ in the mathematical sense of the term

Merely equations to solve
Complexity to navigate and simplify
Bounty hunting wisdom and physical prizes on the expedition

📜 “The devil finds work for idle hands”

Deceiving man for his own good

The subconscious is so smart it will actually trick you to help you grow, to help you gain understanding, the develop your skills and kick man into action

To awaken the spirit from slumber that has been idle doing nothing
(covered in the previous article, which you can read HERE)

The subconscious so badly wants to solve things, it will assist man by creating a problem to solve

It will meet surface level man where he is at
It will appeal to his surface level interests

It will make man desire the nice cars, a lovely relationship, a expensive home, some award, some position of status

There are plenty of tools the subconscious will leverage

But in order for man to get that outcome he desires
He will need to go on a voyage through complexity to get it

Got em,
Time to solve some problems baby!

So man then begins his quest for what he desires

….but do you remember what happened in The Wizard of Oz?

Tin Man wanted a heart
Lion wanted courage
Scarecrow wanted a brain

They go with Dorothy on a adventure
To go see the wonderful Wizard of Oz

There are all sorts of tense situations and challenges on the journey that the characters overcome
Because they must reach The Wizard Oz!
The Wizard has what they are seeking!

They reach land, they have arrived at their destination

Only to find….

The Wizard of Oz is just some shmuck behind a curtain pushing buttons on a machine

He has nothing to offer them

Only a reminder….

Oz reminds Scarecrow he used his brain during one of the challenges along the way
So he now has a brain!

Oz reminds Lion he expressed courage during one of the challenges along the way
So he now has courage!

Oz reminds Tin Man he expressed love during the journey
He fell in love with Dorothy
He now has a heart!

The real reward is not what you get

Its who you become

The nice car is merely a symbolic trophy
Of who you had to become to get it

Well done subconscious (Wizard of Oz)

You got man to take a journey he never would have taken voluntarily
Ignorance is the initial intuition which gets us going

We need ignorance

In fact….

Ignorance is what unlocks brilliance

(in the first article we went over how submission unlocks dominance)
You can read that article here

To be a genius you must be a fool

The fool card is the only card with no number

Sometimes referred to as Zero

The jester was simultaneously a fool and a genius in his role for the king

He would entertain as the fool
But he would also be the one advisor the king could trust

Surrounded by ‘yes men’ it was the fool who would speak the most profound truths to the king
With the ability to word it in a way the king would not get offended

Just unbias, objective, raw truth
Observing reality and pointing out what he noticed to the king

He would make the complex simple

To be a genius requires being a fool
Simultaneously 1 AND 0

To be a genius/fool is to empty the mind

The ability to process information for what it is

Not trying to confirm he is right
Not trying to confirm what he wants to see
Not trying to avoid what is controversial

Not even trying to see anything

Just crystal clear processing

This is the quantum unified process

To be SIMULTANIOUSLY the student and the teacher

The fool aspect allows information to flow freely
Blank innocent ignorance

The genius aspect picks up the gems of wisdom and organizes the information
He understands it and compiles the parts into a working assembly of a brilliant solution

He teaches himself as he is doing it

How did you learn to walk?

You were simultaneously the student and the teacher

You’d fall and stumble as the student
That would send feedback information to the subconscious, the teacher

…and you taught yourself how to walk

But wait…..

Is the magic now ruined?

By pulling the curtain to reveal Oz,
…haven’t we messed with the entire process?

Have we?

Or is that the entrance to Phase Three?

Where you simultaneously are the magician and the audience

The Teacher AND The Student
The Genius AND The Fool

Man is not hot or cold
He is the faucet

Man is not the sad or happy song
He is the player of the instrument

You can move power
Or power can move you

Awareness of your power and ‘the magic’ does not remove it’s effect on you
It makes you more effective

You become the magician AND the audience
You become the teacher AND the student

Making the leap from binary to quantum

Being One AND Zero

…and that is mastering zero.

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